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Toki Tori


Steam Achievements

Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Finish the community bonus levelAll I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt
Collect 200 eggsApprentice
Complete all Bubble Barrage normal levelsBubble Barrage
Complete all Bubble Barrage hard levelsBubble Barrage Hard
Collect all ten snowflakes that appear in December before they meltCatch a Cold
Finish a level without using all itemsCheapskate
Collect 1000 eggsChef de Cuisine
Get really close to a monsterClose Encounter
Freeze 50 monstersCold as Ice
Stand on an ice block for 12 secondsCold Feet
Complete all Creepy Castle normal levelsCreepy Castle
Complete all Creepy Castle hard levelsCreepy Castle Hard
Telewarp directly into lavaDeep Fried
Make Toki Tori dizzyDizzy
Play Toki Tori for 60 minutes without being idle for more than 2 minutesEggdurance
Suck up 30 slugsEscargone
Complete all Forest Falls normal levelsForest Falls
Complete all Forest Falls hard levelsForest Falls Hard
Stand in all sun beamsGet a Tan
Finish all hard levelsHard Boiled
Fall into the lavaHarderwijk Fried Chicken
Stand in the beam in Test Lab bonus level 2It beams to work
Use 32 bridges to finish a levelJeff
Watch the endingMaster Chef
Press "try again" 10 times on one levelNever gonna give you up!
Collect 100 eggsShort-order Cook
Complete all Slimy Sewer normal levelsSlimy Sewer
Complete all Slimy Sewer hard levelsSlimy Sewer Hard
Make Toki Tori look sadSo Sad
Collect 500 eggsSous-chef
Stand in the beam in Test Lab bonus level 6Spill the beams
Trap Toki Tori between two SwitchbricksStackmate
Complete all Test Lab normal levelsTest Lab
Use 42 InstantRocks^(TM) to finish a levelThe Answer
Complete all normal levels without using the WildcardTrue Champion
Find the Tunnel of LoveTunnel of Love
Trap 30 ghostsWho are you going to call?
Find her.You found me. Finally.

Contributed By: Guard Master, GhostKat, and th3l3fty.