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Blade Kitten


Steam Achievements

Purchased all the costumes from Hundert TonneFashionista
Blade kitten™ - act 1 completeIcky Skiffy
Perched on and threw an enemyInvisible Bike
Completed a level without losing healthKitten Power
Found all the treasure chests in the gameLoot to Boot
Blade kitten™ - act 2 completeNew BFFs
Died nine times in any one levelNine Lives
Defeated 100 enemies using slideSlide Queen
Totalled best level times of 90 minutes or lessSpeedy Kitten
Defeated 10 enemies in a row without losing healthThe Kit Fu is Strong in This One
Defeated 5,000 enemiesUnfriendly Fire
Purchased all the Free Blades from Hundert TonneWeaporisseur

Contributed By: Guard Master.