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Steam Achievements

Add 1000 of your songs to the game1000 Steps to Heaven
Deploy focus power 500 times2x Addict
Play a song on Medium at 100% AccuracyAmateur Note Destroyer
Add 10 of your songs to the gameAppreciator
Fail a song on easy after completing 95% of itBurning Sensation
Finish 50 featured songsCatalog Enthusiast
Finish a featured songCatalog Shopper
Play 10000 Chords(2-3 notes at once)Chord Champ
Deploy Focus Power while track is flashing red and save yourself, 100 timesClose Call
Deploy Focus Power while track is flashing Red and save yourself, 250 timesClose Call Master
Add 50 SongsCollector
100% a Featured song on EasyEasy Feature Complete
Play a song on Expert, and achieve at least 95% accuracy while having a streak of 250 and using Focus Control at least onceEasy Street
100% a Featured song on ExpertExpert Feature Complete
Play and finish a song on either Hard or Expert with your keys set to W,A,S,DF.p.s
Add 25 songsFan
Add 500 songsFanatic
Deploy focus power 250 timesFocused!
Score 1 Million Points in TotalGarage Band Wiz
Complete 10 songs on MediumGetting the Hang of It
100% a Featured song on HardHard Feature Complete
Complete 100 songs on ExpertI Came to Rock!
100% 10 songs on any difficultyIn The Zone
Add 5000 songsJukebox Hero
Finish 30 featured songsKeep em Comin'
Achieve level 10Level 10!
Achieve level 100Level 100!
Achieve level 25Level 25!
Achieve level 250Level 250!
Achieve level 50Level 50!
Add a Song to your libraryLibrary Grand Opening
Earn a 2000 Note StreakMaster Streak
Add 100 of your songs to the gameMaven
100% a Featured song on MediumMedium Feature Complete
Complete 100 songs on MediumMiddle of the road
Add 10,000 SongsMusic Buddha
Earn a 50 Note Streak in a gameNovice Streak
Fail a song on Expert after completing 95% of itOMG That Hurts!
Deploy focus power 1000 timesOverpowered!
Fail a song on Hard after completing 95% of itPainful Sensation
Play a song on easy at 100% AccuracyPiece of Cake
Score 100 million points in totalPlatinum Artist
Play 1000 chords (2 - 3 notes at once)Power Chords are all you need
Earn a 1000 Note StreakPro Streak
Complete 10 songs on HardProfessional in the Making
Score 10 million points in totalRising Star
Earn a 20 Note Streak in a gameRookie Streak
Earn 100 MultipliersScores Going Up
Earn 2000 MultipliersScores Piling Up
Earn 500 MultipliersScores Stacking Up
Earn a 500 Note StreakSerious Streak
Failed a song within first 25 secondsShot Down
Play 5000 Chords(2 -3 notes at once)So many Chords, so little time
Complete 10 songs on EasyStarting Off Easy
Finish 10 featured songsSupply and Demand
Play a song on Hard at 100% AccuracySweet Session Player
Complete 100 songs on EasyTakin it Easy
Fail a song on medium after completing 95% of itThat Hurts
Complete 100 songs on HardThe Harder They Come
Play a song on Expert at 100% AccuracyTrue Superstar
Earn a 250 Note StreakWelcome Streak
Complete 10 songs on ExpertWhere's the Stage At?
Achieve level 1Youlre Ready to Rock
100% 100 songs on any difficultyZone God
100% 25 songs on any difficultyZone King
100% 50 songs on any difficultyZone Mystic
100% 3 songs on any difficultyZoning In

Contributed By: Guard Master.