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The Adventures of Lomax


Flying Ability

First, enter the Level Selct code. Any time during the game, press and hold L1, and then press Square to fly. To land, press and hold L1 and then press Square again.

Contributed By: Tee.

Stage Select

During the game, hold Down on the D-Pad and press Start to pause. While paused, hold Up + Triangle + Circle + X + Square. Two small numbers will appear on the left side of the screen. Press Start to unpause, then hold L! and press Select repeatedly to change the left number of the stage you wish to go to.

Once you've decided, hold L! and press Start to warp there.

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.


Level Passcodes

Enter the following passcodes at the Password screen.
Key: T = Triangle, X = X button, C = Circle, S = Square

C, C, C, T, X, S, C, X02
S, C, S, T, X, S, C, X03
X, C, X, T, X, S, C, X04
T, T, T, C, X, S, C, X05
C, T, C, C, X, S, C, X06
S, T, S, C, X, S, C, X07
X, T, X, C, X, S, C, X08
T, X, T, S, X, S, C, X09
C, X, C, S, X, S, C, X10
S, X, S, S, X, S, C, X11
X, X, X, S, X, S, C, X12
T, S, T, X, X, S, C, X13
C, S, C, X, X, S, C, X14
S, S, S, X, X, S, C, X15
X, S, X, X, X, S, C, X16
C, C, T, T, S, S, C, X17
T, C, C, T, S, S, C, X18
X, C, S, T, S, S, C, X19
S, C, X, T, S, S, C, X20
C, T, T, C, S, S, C, X21
X, S, C, C, S, T, S, X22

Contributed By: ATadeo and Mike Truitt.

More Passwords

Enter the following passwords at the Password screen.
Key: T = Triangle, C = Circle, S = Square, X = X button

SXTTCXCTSection 1, Lives 0, Credits 0 (instant game over - restart title screen)
SSTTCXCCSection 1, Lives 0, Credits 1 (starting at 'continue?' screen)
TXTTXXCTSection 1, Lives 1, Credits 0 (very hard start)
XCTTCCTTSection 1, Lives 12, Credits 0 ('merged continues' start - semi-cheat)
TSTTXSCTSection 1, Lives 3, Credits 0 (start w/o continues)
TCTTXSCXSection 1, Lives 3, Credits 3 (normal start)
XXTTXTSXSection 1, Lives 31, Credits 3 (max lives cheat start)
CSTCSXCTSection 21, Lives 1, Credits 0 (Can you beat Evil Ed on one life?)
SSTCSTSXSection 21, Lives 31, Credits 3 (Can you beat Evil Ed at all?)

Contributed By: WNivek.