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Bust A Groove 2



Catch: You must have beaten the game with ALL of the characters in the game, including the hidden ones first.
After this prerequisite has been made, at any time in the stage, press L2 + START at the same time to skip the stage. Can be done all the way the ending.

Contributed By: jeydo.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get a Fever Time in each level.Bonus Level
Beat the game using Capoeira.Chi Chi and Sally
Beat the game using Shorty.Columbo
Beat the game using Hiro.Hustle Kong
Beat the game using Hiro.McLoad
Beat the game using Hustle Kong.Michael Doi
Beat the Pander bonus level with Robo-Z Gold.Pander
Beat the game using Heat.Robo-Z Gold and Sushi Boy

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre, Mike Truitt, Dragon, and TheUltimateLoser.


Alternate Costumes

To change a character's costume, select the character with the Circle button instead of the X button.

Contributed By: Gamer7048.