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Need for Speed: High Stakes


Misc. Codes

While "Lap Choice" is highlighted hold L1+R1Arcade Mode
After selecting the race option hold Up + R1 + L2 until the race begins.Blurry Mode
Hold Up + Triangle + XDashboard View
Hold L2 + R2Drunk mode
As the track loads hold Left + Square + CircleHeavier Car
Pick "Head to Head" and enter press L1, Circle, Square, Up-Left (on the d-pad) after selecting opponent's car. Hold sequence until loading is completeMachine Gun (press up to fire)
As the game loads hold Left + Square + CircleSlower CPU Cars
Enable dashboard view and press Up while drivingTurbo
On the Car Select screen hold L1+R1Warrior Car

Contributed By: Warhawk, freakunique, and vignesh90.


Misc. Passwords

Select the User Name option at the game option screen and enter the following:

NFS_PDCop Code
WHIRLYFly Police Helicopter

Contributed By: ATadeo, D y N a S t Y, and Rage012.


Cop Cars

Beat Hot Pursuit mode to unlock the next car

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat with Police Diablo SVHelicopter (Only available in Test Drive Mode)
Beat with Police M5Poilice Corvette
Beat with Police CorvettePolice Diablo SV
Beat with CarpricePolice M5

Contributed By: Smithy Jones.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Arrest 10 speeders in hot pursuit mode.More Patrol Cars
Go through the Tournament mode and get nothing but Gold Trophies.Phantom
Place first in the Corvette Pro Cup.Special Edition Corvette
Win the Porsche Pro Cup.Special Edition Porsche 911
Get all gold medals in all special events.Titan

Contributed By: Warhawk.