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Twisted Metal 4


In-Game Cheat Codes

Enter in these codes quickly while playing the game.

Left, Right, Up, UpFreeze Beams
Up, Up, Down, DownHyperspace
L1, R1, Up, Square, CircleInfinite Ammo
Down, Down, Up, UpInvisibility
Up, Up, LeftJump
Up, Down, Up, Down, UpMassive Attack
Start, Right, R1, L1, R1Massive Attack as a 2nd special
Left, Right, Down, DownRear Freeze
Up, Down, Up, Down, DownRear Massive Attack
Right, Left, Down, DownRear Normal Attack
Up, Up, RightShield

Contributed By: CDBavg400, hamoody24, and BIGEVIL45.

Password Screen Cheats

Enter the following codes at the Password Screen.

Circle, Up, Down, Up, UpAllow Deathmatch with 0 enemy
L1, Left, Right, O, RightCPU Ignores Health Pick-Ups
Right, Triangle, Right, Triangle, L1CPU Only Attacks Player Mode
Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, UpFaster Health Regeneration
Down, Left, L1, Left, RightGod Mode
Down, Start, R1, Up StartHave all weapons (99)
Circle, Left, Triangle, R1, CircleHave Freeze (99)
Start, Right, R1, L1, R1Have Massive (99)
Down, Triangle, Down, L1, R1Low Traction
Up, Start, CIrcle, R1, LeftMore Powerful Specials
Triangle, Down, Triangle, Circle, TriangleNo Health During Deathmatch
Down, R1, Down, Start, CircleNo Health During Tournament
O, Start, Left, L1, StartNo Pick-Ups
Down, Down, Right, Right, DownOne CPU ally and you Vs. Two human opponents (3 players)
R1, Right, Left, R1, UpOnly Pick Up Homing Missiles
Right, Left, R1, Right, CircleOnly Pick Up Napalms
Down, Down, Circle, L1, LeftOnly Pick Up Power Missiles
Up, Right, Down, L1, TriangleOnly Pick Up Remote Bombs
Circle, Left, Down, R1, L1Start on Carnival and Unlock Secret Deathmatch levels
Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, UpUnlimited Specials
Up, Right, Down, Up, L1Unlock Super Axel
Up, Right, Down, Up, L1Unlock Super Axel
R1, L1, Down, Start, DownWeapons shoot faster

Contributed By: QVo, icevenant, Mike Truitt, KasketDarkfyre, Here To Stay, X666 Pack, and ATadeo.

Unlocking Codes

Enter the following codes in the Password Screen to unlock levels or vehicles.

O, L1, Start, L1, StartUnlock Amazonia 3000 B.C.
L1, Right, Left, Left, L1Unlock Bedroom
Down, R1, Right, R1, L1Unlock Crusher
Triangle, L1, L1, Left, UpUnlock Minion
Start, R1, Left, R1, R1Unlock Minion's Maze
Start, Triangle, Right, L1, StartUnlock Moon Buggy
Left, Triangle, Right, Right, LeftUnlock Neon City
Start, Left, Up, Start, OUnlock Oil Rig
Up, Down, Left, Start, RightUnlock R.C. Car
Start, Start, Down, O, L1Unlock Road Rage
Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, DownUnlock Super Auger
Right, L1, Start, Circle, StartUnlock Super Slamm
O, Triangle, Start, O, LeftUnlock super Thumper
Start, R1, Right, Right, LeftUnlock Sweet Tooth
O, Left, Down, R1, L1Unlock The Carnival

Contributed By: QVo, Mike Truitt, Stencil, and obiwankenobi15.


Unlock Boss Vehicles

Beat the tournament once.

Contributed By: KlobberTheKlown.

Unlock Secret Deathmatch Levels

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once with any character.Secret Deathmatch Levels and All Bosses

Contributed By: Warhawk.