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Mega Man X6


Cheat Code

After you press start, before you select new game, input the following code. You will hear a confirmation sound if you do it correctly.

L1 x 3, R2 x 1Enable Dark version of the Revived Hunter.
Left x 3, Right x 1Enable Ultimate Armour for X

Contributed By: JL Lee.


Nightmare Level Unlockables

Finding a portal in each Nightmare Stage (stages marked in red on stage select).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat High Max in portals then find another portal to face Dynamo.Note, Can be rematched after defeating him.Fight Dynamo.
First defeat Nightmare Zero then find another portal.Fight High Max before Gate's Lab.
Go through a portal in any Nightmare Stage for the 1st time.Fight Nightmare Zero
Defeat High Max in Nightmare Levels.Get to Gate's lab earlier
Defeat Nightmare Zero.Play as Revived Hunter a.k.a. Zero.

Contributed By: megazero444.