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Syphon Filter 3


Game Codes

Follow the instructions below:

Up, Select, L1, R2, Square, Circle, X at the same time, then highlight "One Player" and press Up, Select, L1, R2, SquaPlay at Hard Difficulty

Contributed By: dsoleiman.


Unlock multiplayer and mini-games arenas.

Complete objectives within certain requirements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Rescue all 3 militia hostages in Militia Compound.Izmailovo Park (multiplayer)
Finish Underground Bunker in less than 15 minutes.Mesa Verde Exhibit (mini-games)

Contributed By: Gabe_Logan2.

Unlockable Arenas

UnlockableHow to Unlock
On the Costa Rican Plantation, you will see a Female Slave being beaten by a guard. Kill him, and she will ask you to save her friend, do so, and you will get the Labs after completing the Level. Rhoemer's Labs Arena
Instead of using a taser. Try taking out the leaders in the building and most of the thugs by using less than 22 shots from your sniper rifle. Gabe will say ''got it'' which activates biathalon.Biathlon
Play through Pugari Complex while refraining from killing Foreman Jones. Lawrence will not say ''got it'' at the end of the mission.Colorado Bridge Arena
Play Kabul, Afganistan and first kill all seven snipers without being seen at all, that means you will never see your danger bar. The catch is that you cannot get the au300 weapon before you kill all seven snipers. Lian will say ''got it''.Kabul, Afghanistan 2-player
In Hotel Fukashima at Room 413 snipe all your enemies around the guy that is getting hit by all the other men this man also has a different coat (its purple) well just save him by killing the the men that are around him and in the same room, then he willMilitary Base Mini-game
Beat the Waterfront in less than 2 minutes.Pharcom Warehouses Arena
Play through C-5 Galaxy Transport without killing the co-pilot. Gabe will say ''Got it'' at the end of the mission.Rhoemer's Computer Center Arena
Beat the second Australian level without being seen. However, the truck stealing sequence does not count towards this.Rhoemer's Fortress Arena
Play SS. Lorelei Mission, finish the mission without killing the Engineer, and the guy in the white uniform, he will surrender to you, dont shoot him.S.S. Lorelei Arena

Contributed By: SLuoma, LiMpBiZkitFaN, tommy h 2450, gabelogan, SMcnulty, mikeyflan, syphontm87, and thefao.

Unlockable Game Secrets

Complete all of the mini-games on all difficulties in ''Mini Game'' mode to unlock the Super Agent cheat in the ''Cheats'' menu. With this cheat turned on, you can kill an enemy with one shot.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete ''One Player'' mode on normal difficulty (no inputting ''Hard Difficulty'' cheat code) to unlock Select Level and End Level cheats in the ''Cheats'' menu.Secret Level and End Level cheats
Complete all of the mini-games on all difficulties in ''Mini Game'' mode to unlock the Super Agent cheat in the ''Cheats'' menu.Super Agent Mode

Contributed By: Asch The Hated.