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NFL GameDay 2002


Cheat Codes

Go to the cheat code screen and enter the following cheats:

989 SPORTS989 Studios Players.
ALL BOBOAll Players Named Bobo.
SUPER FOOTBetter Running Back.
EURO LEAGUEEuropean Names.
POP WARNERFloating Team.
LINE BUSTERGreat Defensive Line
MR FURIOUSHop-a-long
BIG PIGHuge Football.
TINYHuge Team.
MR GLASSInjured hamstring
FATIGUELess Fatigue.
ENDURANCEMore Endurance.
EVEN STEVENNo matter what teams you choose the matches will be even.
TINYNow all of your players will be huge.
STICKEMNow your receviers will catch more passes.
OVAL OFFICEPresidential Last Names.
RED ZONEProgrammer's Last Names.
PENCILSkinny Team
MUNCHKINSSmall players
GRUDGE MATCHUnlock GameDay stadium.
FASHION SHOWView Cheerleaders After Game.

Contributed By: Keith Valentine, NeoGamer, Ben Zetlitz, DarkCrono x2, gold21, Michael 2, and Jobu Dudley.


Cheat Codes

Enter these codes on the Easter Egg screen:

TWO D2D players
ROCKETMANBall carrier has speed burst
BOOSTERFast players
FLAT LANDFlat Players
SMARTER CPUHarder Difficulty
GIANTSLarge Players
5280 CLUBMile High Stadium
HAM INJURYPlayers have hamstring injuries
UNBEATABLEUnbeatable Team
CREDITSView Credits

Contributed By: Starky27.