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NBA Jam Tournament Edition


Extended Rosters

At the Team Select screen hold Select and rotate the D-Pad counter-clockwise twice.Extended Team Roster

Contributed By: gsgreg.

Infinite Fire

At the Tonight's Matchup screen press Down, Right, Right, Circle, Triangle, RightInfinite Fire
At the Tonight's Matchup screen press Right, Right, Left, Right, X, X, RightMax Power
At the Tonight's Matchup screen press Left, Left, Left, Left, Circle, RightQuick Hands
At the Tonight's Matchup screen press Up, Down, Down, Right, Up, Circle, Circle, Cicle, Circle, DownRainbow Shots
At the Tonight's Matchup screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, TriangleShow Shot Percentage
At the Tonight's Matchup screen press Left, Right, X, Circle, Circle, XSuper Dunks
At the Tonight's Matchup screen press up, Right, Right, Left, Circle, Down, Left, Left, Circle, SquareTeleport Dunks

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

Level Select

Enter these codes on the "Initials" screen. Hold L1 + R1 whilst entering them.

END January 1Last game of the season
FIN January 1Win the season

Contributed By: freakunique.

Misc. Codes

Select your team and when Tonight's Match-Up appears, enter any of the following codes before Loading Game appears. You should see the mode on before the tipoff if it was entered correctly. Press and repeat at least 5 times:

Square, CircleBaby Mode
Square, X, Circle, TriangleBig Head Mode
Triangle, XHuge Mode
Square, Triangle, Circle, XMammoth Head

Contributed By: ATadeo.


Secret Characters

Hold L1 and R1 then enter the following code as your initials and birthday:

ADR - APR 6Adrock
DEL - OCT 10Alex Delucia
CAT - JAN 2Andy Cattling
CHD - MAY 5Asif Chaudri
BAR - APR 9Barry Hutchinson
BIL - JUNE 3Bill Clinton
GOW - JULY 17Brett Gow
BLZ - JAN 14Carol Blazejowski
HOR - JUNE 12Charlotte Hornet
BEN - SEP 20Chicago Bull
CHR - DEC 18Chris Kirby
DAZ - AUG 6Darren Falcus
HOG - DEC 31Darren Hodgeson
SAT - MAY 7Darren Tunnicliff
LIZ - AUG 7Elizabeth Burgess
KUB - APR 14Eric Kuby
AIR - JAN 21Eric Samulski
FNK - JAN 8Frank Thomas
FRS - FEB 2Fresh Prince
HEA - JAN 9Heavy D
HIL - NOV 6Hillary Clinton
REV - JUL 6Jamie Rivett
JAS - NOV 16Jason Falcus
JAX - MAR 1Jason Whitaker
JAY - AUG 24Jay Moon
JAZ - OCT 9Jazzy Jeff
CAL - MAR 25John Carlton
GOR - JUL 3Kim Gordon
LAR - JAN 15Larry Bird
REN - FEB 4Lee Ronaldo
THI - NOV 1Mark Thienvanich
TUR - JAN 31Mark Turmell
MCA - APR 9MC Adam Tauch
M_D - JUL 1Mike D
MUS - DEC 24Mike Muskett
WOL - MAR 7Minnesota Timberwolf
GUN - JAN 11Nat Gunter
BAA - JUL 12Paul McHugh
WAN - JUN 10Pete Wanat
APE - APR 2Phoenix Gorilla
CHA - MAY 4Prince Charles
ROB - FEB 24Rob Gray
DIV - JUL 3Sal Divita
STH - DEC 8Seth W. Rosenfield
LIP - JAN 14Shawn Liptak
SAW - APR 10Shawn Rosen
SNK - JUN 15Snake
SHY - JUN 8Steve Shelly
MOE - JUN 8Thurston Moore
TOM - FEB 19Tom Higgins
GOS - JAN 6Tony Goskie
CCC - DEC 2Vaughn Smith
ZIG - APR 7Ziggy Hill

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


Infinite Credits

Press Select during the countdown after the game ends.

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.