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Medal of Honor Underground


Misc. Passwords

From the main menu screen, choose the Password Option from the Options menu and input the passwords as shown below:

RICOCHETBouncing Bullets
MOHDESSINSCartoon Sketch Pictures
DWIECRANSDreamworks Pictures
LATIREUSEPodoski Mode (1 Hit kills for everyone)
BALLESVITEQuadruple Firing Rate
LEMONSTREUnlock Panzerknacker Unleahed Mission

Contributed By: ATadeo, YSF, and gamermstr.


Mission Unlockables

Here is a list of the secrets you can unlock for beating the corresponding levels with an Excellent evaluation.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Swell Multiplayer, Petain (Petain), Marie Antionette (Marie), Snotty Waiter (Garcon), and Mime (Marcel)Mission 1
Bouncing Bullet Mode, Moroccan Fez Spy (Viktor), Joan of Arc (Joan), Cyrano (Cyrano), and Bogart's Casablanca character (Rick)Mission 2
No Reload Mode, Archeologist (Rheinhold), Greek Smuggler (Jakob), and Minotaur (Deadalus)Mission 3
Civil War Mode, Wewelsburg Knight (Lothar), and Nosferatu (Shrek)Mission 4
Podoski Mode, LATIREUSE Paratrooper (Erich), POW (Wild Bill), and Snotty French Waiter (Garcon)Mission 5
4X Firing Rate, Hooded Mountain Trooper (Herbert), Napoleon (Napoleon), and Factory Worker (Olly)Mission 6
InvulnerabilityMission 7 (Earned with the Cross of Liberation)
Secret MissionMission 7 (Earned with the Legion of Honor)
Wacky Taxi Mode, Jimmy Patterson (Jimmy), PanzerKnacker, Julia Child (Jewels), and Heino (Schlagermeister)Mission 8

Contributed By: BXBomber.


Ultimate cheat

This code is the master cheat that unlocks allof the secret codes. First, go to the main menu and select options. Then go to passwords and type in ''ENTREZVOUS'' Then go to send. Enter the passwords again and type ''PORTECLEFS''. Then go to secret codes and all secrets will be unlocked. Civil war mode is every man for himself in missions. The enemies shoot at each other and you. Also, Wacky taxi mode is when you have 1 minute to complete the level and the only way to get more time is to kill.

Contributed By: Nightcrwler2861.

Unlock the Secret Mission

Simply enter ENTREZVOUS as a password, then LEMONSTRE. To play the level, select 'Panzernacker Unleashed'.

Contributed By: Crazyreyn.