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Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge


Blood Cheat

To unlock the "Blood" cheat, simply shoot all of the rabbits in the Fur Fighter Village. It's easy to unlock, but it seems useless, as instead of plush/fluff flying everywhere, nothing seems to happen.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Shoot all of the rabbits in Fur Fighter VillageBlood Cheat

Contributed By: Brianzilla2004.

Flea Death Match

To Unlock Flea Death Match, simply play through the game as usual.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Game One TimeFlea Death Match

Contributed By: The_Great_Poop.


In the VAB building, while driving the moon buggy to the bath and back, you can find a tunnel with a high, curved wall. If you boost up it JUST right, you can land on an upper platform, unlocking the MIDAS cheat. This will place human masks on every Bear.

Contributed By: Tweekscute.

Time Slice Camera (Press Start to use it after unlocking)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the basketball mini game at the Lower East Quack levelTime Slice Camera

Contributed By: Mr Malone.


Extra multiplayer level

In New Quack city, the building where you push the statue in front of the camera-there are TV screens with short 2-frame animations on them, one of them has the BIZZARE company logo on it, shoot it and it will explode.

Contributed By: Kaz.


Collect all of the babies in the game.As soon as the split scene with the baby flying away on a jetpack stops, a CHEAT DISCOVERED message will appear. Go to the cheat menu after you save your game and you will find Invulnerability, which makes you invincible. You should collect all of the babies before trying to defeat Viggo. It makes it extremely easy to finish the game.

Contributed By: Brianzilla.

Tiny character Cheat

This cheat is activated from the DINOTOPOLIS section of the game. Specifically in the GAMES ROOM level of this section.

Go past the jukebox and climb the stacked books. Looking around you should see an arcade machine behind you. Transform into tweek and glide over to the arcade machine.

There are two buttons on this machine - start and fire. Jump on the start button. Winning one round of this sub game activates the TINY CHARACTER cheat.

Contributed By: Raven Cherub.