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Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer


Cheat Screen Codes

Enter this on your cell phone at the cheat screen:

619 555-4141All Boards
328 555-4497All Levels
702 555-2918All Suits
949 555-6799All Surfers
626 555-6043All Tricks
877 555-3825First Person Mode
217 555-0217High Jumps
212 555-1776Max Stats
714 555-8092Mega Cheat
800 555-6292Pastrana
213 555-5721Perfect Balance
888 555-4506Tiki God
323 555-9787Tony Hawk
818 555-1447Trippy
328 555-4497Unlock All Beaches
310 555-6217Unlock Freak

Contributed By: punkrawker86, SpeLLz4, Swiftshark, and THAguyINgta3.