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Medal of Honor Frontline


Secret Codes

Please do the following:

O, Select, R2, R2, R1, R1, L1, R1Bullet Shield
Press: Square, L1, Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select ,R2 during gameplay, while the game is pausedInvincibility

Contributed By: i am zell and Starky27.

Snip-O-Rama Mode

At the typewriter, put in the following code:

LONGSHOTThis will activate the bonus, SNIP-O-RAMA, which will make all guns aim like a Sniper Rifle.

Contributed By: CI254.

Unlimited ammo

To get unlimited ammo pause any time during the game and press

circle,L2,square,L1,select,R2,triangle,selectUnlimited ammo

Contributed By: dthegamer.


''Our Trip to Holland''

On the password screen, enter the following password to get its effect:

FRESHDEMOEnable "Our Trip to Holland" demo. (Requires 30 second wait on main menu.)

Contributed By: YYugi51.

Enigma Machine Passwords

Enter the following in the enigma machine:

GLASSJAWAchilles Head Mode: Now enemies only die from head shots.
WHERERUInvisible Enemies in the bonus section.
URTHEMANPerfectionist Mode (One shot kills you).

Contributed By: neatd99 and Megarex2002.


Please enter the following passwords for their effects:

HABRDASHREvery character will now wear a random object on their head. Grenades, debris, anything!
HABRDASHRGet enemies to wear stupid hats. Select 'men in hats' at the bonus screen.
TIMEWARPGold On Previous Level
DAWOIKSMaster Code: Missions, cheats and extras. To access the extra film reels in gallery, simply highlight the box of mission reels and press start.
TPDOMOHTONMOHton Torpedo Mode: This will make all the bullets in the game look like proton torpedoes from Star Trek.
BULLETZAPNow you will not be hurt by bullets. Be forewarned that explosions and punches will still hurt you.
MONKEYReceive a Gold Medal on the most recently played mission.
BOINGRubber Grenades
HABRDASHRSame code as above, but play the On The Tracks mission.
ORANGUTANUnlock Level 2
BABOONUnlock Level 3
LEMURUnlock Level 5
GORILLAUnlock Level 6
CHIMPNZEEUnlock Level Four

Contributed By: TerranRedneck, SDH, Gogita1215, The Ass, HansMoleman, Aiozzo, ggddttrrffbb, and v101.


Getting the Stars

In the game, you can get stars for each level depending on your performance. Please do the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the levelBronze Star
Beat the level + kill 95% of enemies + finish with at least 75% healthGold Star
Beat the level + kill 95% of enemiesSilver Star

Contributed By: Lord Zophar.

Easter Eggs

Secret Bonus Award

Complete all levels with a Gold Star and you will receive the EA Los Angeles Medal of Valor.

Contributed By: neatd99.

UFO Sighting

A very strange sighting can be witnessed. During the 'On Track' level, when you reach Sturmgeist's train right at the end, a UFO can be seen for a few seconds in the night sky above, although it's easier to miss than it is to spot.
When you arrive out on the platform, turn 90 degrees to the right and look up to the skies at a 45 degree angle. From this point, you should see a fleet of bombers flying in from the right of them and you should see the UFO fly over your head from behind, then disappear over the horizon.

Contributed By: bubbleboy.