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Escape from Monkey Island

Easter Eggs

Play Monkey Invaders

Fully complete your Monkey Kombat table (available by pressing R2 in Monkey Kombat) for each Monkey Stance and you will unlock the hidden game Monkey Invaders.

Contributed By: gothi.


Combinations for Monkey Kombat

If you press and hold R2 while in Monkey Kombat, a screen pops up that shows the combinations of buttons to change to each stance. It doesn't have the name of the stance though, it only has a picture of what the stance looks like. Now you don't need to spend time writing down all the combinations and looking at the paper for every move!

Contributed By: y2jake215.

Extra Ending Scene

To get an extra scene, Simply complete the game and leave the game alone when the credits come on. If you skip the credit's, you don't get the extra scene.

Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.

Play Murrayball

At the Palace of Prostheses, use the filing system to look up the name Ryan J. Danzwithwolves (You must do this before looking for the No-Nosed Man). After that, check the Bonus Stuff menu in the Options section. Murrayball will be one of the choices.

Contributed By: Poots.