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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3



Enter these codes in the Cheat Menu:

YOHOMIESUnlock all characters
givemesomewoodUnlock all decks
PeepshowUnlock all FMV Movies
RoadtripUnlock all levels (including 3 bonus levels from THPS)
MAGICMISSILEUnlock all modes and "Perfect" cheats
PUMPMEUPUnlock All Stat Points for Current Skater
WeEatDirtUnlock Secret Create-a-Skaters
backdoorUnlock the In-Game Cheat Menu

Contributed By: Zopharoth, PittHockey86, Zero ex, Hitest2k1, Pyro Vesten, Starky27, Sidebinder, and Gfk!.


Debug Camera Mode

There is a secret debug feature allowing free movement of the camera (game is paused). To use it, load any level from the skate shop, and watch the moving eyeball at the bottom-left corner of the loading screen. When the eyeball stops moving for the third time, press and hold START until the level is finished loading. It is hard to time the third pause, as it is extremely short, unlike the first two pauses, which are relatively long.

The game will be paused and in "camera mode" if done correctly: left analog stick pans camera, right analog stick moves camera left/right and forward/backward (like most first-person shooters), and R1/R2 moves camera up/down.

You will need to reset the Playstation 2, as there is no way to exit this mode.

Contributed By: tumbenhaur.

Make Cruise Ship graphics disappear

When you start the level Cruise Ship, go straight ahead of you all the way to the end until you can go no further. Then, turn to your skater's right, and find the area where there are minipipe-like objects just before the greenhouse area. Activate the Moon Physics, then ride the minipipe-like objects. Continue to do so until you can transfer from those objects to the Cruise Ship's second floor. At that point, transfer there, and some graphics around that area will no longer be there. You will no look like you are skating on nothing!

Contributed By: Hexrapper.


Chart of unlockables and a few secrets...

The way to unlock these is to complete every single goal (all 54 of them) and earn three gold medals. The following list demonstrates how many times you have to complete the game with a different skater to unlock the listed cheat (so unlocking the Demoness skater means you have to beat the game 100% with 10 different skaters.)

01.) Darth Maul
02.) Wolverine
03.) Warehouse Level
04.) Officer Dick
05.) Private Carrera
06.) Burnside Level
07.) Ollie, the Magic Bum
08.) Kelly Slater
09.) Roswell Level
10.) Demoness
11.) Snowboard Mode
12.) Always Special Mode
13.) Perfect Rail Balance Mode
14.) Super Stats Mode
15.) Giant Mode
16.) Slowmo Mode
17.) Perfect Manual Balance Mode
18.) Tiny Mode
19.) Moon Physics Mode
20.) Expert Mode
21.) First Person Mode

Cruise Ship Level
Beat every normal level (you do not have to complete every task)

Pro Tape
Earn three gold medals in Career Mode with any of the pros listed in the Movies option menu.

Pro Bails Tape
Earn 3 medals of any rank with any skater

Pro Bails 2 Tape
Earn three gold medals in Career Mode with your Created Skater.

Secret Tape
Get three gold medals with any hidden character.

Contributed By: PimpOil.

Hidden Pre-Made Create-a-Skaters

Enter in the names of these characters (case sensitive) in the ''Name'' section while in Create-a-Skater mode. They will appear as a hidden character with some unique feature. <br /> <br /> 062287 <br /> 80s Mark <br /> <br /> Braineaters <br /> <br /> Captain Jennings <br /> Crashcart <br /> DDT <br /> Eastside <br /> Frogham <br /> Gorilla <br /> Grass Patch <br /> <br /> Kage <br /> <br /> Hi Ben <br /> Mini Joel <br /> Pimpin Frank <br /> Rastapopolous <br /> Skillzilla (or by entering Gi Skillz) <br /> Stacey D

Contributed By: TAY the game guy and rr a ven.

Neversoft Skaters

Here is a list of the Neversoft team create-a-skaters.
To use these people in the game, just type in their name in the ''Name'' field under Create-a-Skater (case-sensitive). I have marked the kids with a '>' :

- Dave Cowling
- Ralph D'Amato
- Lisa Davies
- Pete Day
> Rachael Day
> Matthew Day
- Chad Findley
- Alan Flores
- Edwin Fong
- Steve Ganem
- Chris Glenn
- Noel Hines
- Brian Jennings
- Gary Jesdanun
- Joel Jewett
- Sandy Jewett
- Henry Ji
- Ryan McMahon
- Kevin Mulhall
- Nolan Nelson
- Andy Nelson
- Johnny Ow
- Scott Pease
- Chris Rausch
> Steven Rausch
> James Rausch
> Andrew Rausch
- Paul Robinson
- Aaron Skillman
- Darren Thorne
- Jason Uyeda
- Chris Ward
- Mick West
> Riley Hawk
> Spencer Hawk
> William Pease
> Connor Jewett
- Rastapopolous (Guy behind counter)
- Nicole Willick
- Dave Stohl
- Mike Ward
- Trey Smith

Have fun!

Contributed By: Maelman.

Unlockable Videos

You can unlock videos by completing the tasks listed below in "Career" mode. The videos can be found in "Options" within the "Movies" section.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the competitions with all golds with Neversoft EyeballA Day in the Life Video
With all 12 of the normal skaters beat all three competitions with golds.Character Videos
Beat the competitions with all golds with a combo of 4 hidden skaters (or a mix of Created ones).Kickflip Contest Video
Beat the competitions with all golds with Darth MaulNeversoft Bails
Beat the game with 5 hidden characters or a mix of created ones.Neversoft Friends Video
Beat the competitions with all golds with WolverineNeversoft Makes
Get 3 golds with any combo of hidden/created skaters 8 times. (Minus Slater)Neversoft Retro Video
Beat the competitions with all golds with Kelly SlaterSlater Surf

Contributed By: GValko and rr a ven.