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Cheat Codes

ChUmPUnlock All Cars (Stunt Constructor)
spiDERUnlock All Cars (Training)
BindIUnlock All Cars And Toys
MeFfUnlock All Toys
FellAUnlock All Trailers

Contributed By: kidgame2001 and I N F E R N O.

Cheat Codes (PAL Version)

Sez4JnrUnlock All Cars
TurnipsUnlock All Toys
BiNdErSUnlock everything
BonNeTTUnlock Filmography

Contributed By: Swiftshark.


Skip level Cheat

After failing a stunt select ''View Replay'' instead of ''Restart''. Towards the end of the replay press X continuously.(It must be timed precisely for it to work, you will hear a click) NOTE: This is a glitch. Side effects will be that you won't see the trailer when you complete the movie. You will also not receive credit for the scene.

Contributed By: Swiftshark.

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg (Extra London Speed Test)

During the London Speed Test, start driving, but don't follow the course. Instead, drive to the docks, crash through the barriers, and jump the jetty as you did in scene two of Toothless in Wapping. You should see a floating ''S'' token. Drive through it to start another ''hidden'' London speed test!

Contributed By: high_iq_boy.

Easter Egg (Team Photo)

In the first precision test, instead of performing the test, drive round the other side of the arena pit-building to the race-track start line. Press and hold the action button (L1) and you will see a photo on the pit building wall.

Contributed By: MeFFy.