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Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001



UnlockableHow to Unlock
To fight in Boss Battle mode, you must first unlock Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rugal by beating them in Arcade Mode. To play Boss Battle Mode, hold Triangle and Square while selecting Arcade Mode and your Groove. In Boss Battle Mode, you'll fight five opponeBoss Battle Mode
To unlock Groove Edit Mode, you must defeat either Rugal or Akuma in Arcade Mode. Groove Edit Mode will appear in the center diamond on the main menu. In Groove Edit Mode, you can customize two of your own Grooves and save them to use in battle.Groove Edit Mode
To have infinite Edit Groove points for Edit Groove Mode, you must play through All Battle Survival Mode in its entirity. Afterwards, you'll be able to save an EX Groove that uses more than 4000 points.Infinite Edit Groove Points
Defeat Ultimate Rugal or Shin Akuma in Arcade Mode.Osaka: Flaming City
Defeat Rugal or Akuma in Arcade Mode.Osaka: Temple
To play as Shin Akuma or Ultimate Rugal, you must defeat them. If you defeat Shin Akuma in Arcade mode, you can play as him. The same goes with Ultimate Rugal.Play as Shin Akuma or Ultimate Rugal
To unlock the Extra Options, you must beat Boss Battle Mode. Afterwards, you can select the Extra Options in the regular Options menu. The Extra Options allow you to make your character invincible, have an infinite gauge, and other nice cheats.Unlock Extra Options

Contributed By: SBAllen, Solid Sonic, and Fins.


Fight Mini-Bosses

Satisfy all of the following conditions:
- get at least 800 points
- never get hit by more than 5 first hits in any match
- have at least 2 CC finish or Super finish

Geese/Vega will appear after the 4th match ( the match before the final round )

Contributed By: Spenze.

Finest KO

To obtain a finest KO, satisfy one of the following:

1) counter a super move with a special move
2) counter a special move with a level 3 super
3) counter a super move with a super move
4) finish an opponent with a level 3 super who is taunting

for 2) & 3), one can start with any normal/special move that counter the special/super move, as long as the finishing hit is the level 3 super, finest KO will appear.

Contributed By: Spenze.