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Secret Codes

Go to the Codes screen and enter the following:

DUOTONEBlack and White mode
Enter the codes screen and enter MEGASTARS in all caps.Go to options menu and select game options. Press and hold left on the d-pad and right on the left analog stick while holding those press start. Exit this menu and you should see codes at the bottom. You should now have unlocked the 3 secret teams.
SPRINGER (in all caps)There should be trash blowing in the wind during Street mode.

Contributed By: BAdB0i87, Starky27, and patsfan12.


Get more Created Player slots

Create ten players. Assign all ten players to a Created Team. This duplicates the ten created players. Now delete the ten created players. You have ten more Create Player slots, and can just assign the players on the Created Team to whichever team you want them on. You have effectively used a bug to add your created players to the permanent roster database of the game.

Contributed By: Rashidi.