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Guilty Gear X2


Methods of unlocking Justice, Robo Ky, and Kliff

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat 40 Missions in Mission modeAll three
Unlock all 60 endings in Story modeAll three
Beat him in Level 230 SurvivalJustice
Play training or other game modes for 96 hours total.Justice, Robo Ky, and Kliff
Beat him in Level 220 SurvivalKliff
Beat him in Level 210 SurvivalRobo Ky

Contributed By: Ultimate Gamer and EChang.

Story mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock Story mode endings 1 and 2EX Mode for a character
Earn all story mode endings (including Justice)Guilty Gear mode
Unlock all three Story mode endingsSP Mode for a character

Contributed By: Phfor and EChang.

Time released unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
After 50 hours of gameplay, an EX will be unlocked after every 2 hoursEX Characters
Two hours after Justice is unlocked via time release methodGG Mode
Every 2 hours after GG mode is unlocked, one SP character is unlocked.SP Characters

Contributed By: Tenken.


Alternate Arcade and MOM Modes

On the main menu, hold down L2 while selecting Arcade or MOM modes to fight against EX characters; hold down L1 to fight against Gold characters. Robo Ky, Kliff, and Justice will also appear as opponents.

Contributed By: EChang.

Select Secret stage (Boss stage)

In VS. CPU, VS 2P, Training mode. Place your cursor at the ''RANDOM'' characters (The center of the screen) and then press R2. When the match begin you'll now get ''Boss stage'' (EX I-No stage, the Midnight carnival)
Note : Only ''Midnight Carnival'' BGM is available here.

Contributed By: Demonrugal.

Stage Select for Training and VS mode

In the characters menù screen press R2 on the character's portrait where you want to battle, a yellow box will appear confirming your choice

Contributed By: Zero Gouki.

Unlock EX Mode Characters

Every ten levels in Survival Mode, you will be challenged by an EX, Shadow Mode character. (The order is always the same). Defeat that character to unlock EX Mode for that character. To use EX Mode, hold down L2 while selecting the character.

Contributed By: EChang.

Unlock SP Mode Characters

In Survival Mode, starting at level 300 you will face Gold characters every ten levels. Defeat them to unlock SP Mode for that character. To use SP Mode, hold down L1 while selecting your character. SP + Dust is a Gold character with special powers; SP + Start is a Shadow character with Infinite Tension.

Contributed By: EChang.