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Reservoir Dogs



Select the Cheats option at the "extras" menu, then enter one of the following codes. Then press start and that cheat option will now appear on the cheats

X, L1, Circle, X, L1, XAdrenaline Rush (unlimited adrenaline)
L2, R2, L2, R2, L1, R1all levels
CIRCLE, X, L2, R2, CIRCLE, XArt gallery
L2, L2 X, X, Circle, R2Battering Ram
L1, R1, Circle, Circle, R1, CircleBulletproof
R1, L2, Circle, X, R1, XMagic Bullet (One Shot Kills)
L1(2), CIRCLE, X, L1, R1Movie Gallery
R1, R1, R2, Circle, X, L2Time Out (Unlimited timer)
R2, L2, CIRCLE, L2, X, R2Unlimited ammo

Contributed By: adangola74 and lilobaggins.



Complete this game with following ranking, then go to "extra" menu and turn these cheats ON.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete game with Professional rankingBattering Ram
Complete game with Professional rankingBulletproof
Complete game with Psychopath rankingFully Loaded
Complete game with Career Criminal rankingTime Out

Contributed By: ewjim.