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Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII


Select Up to 8 Charachters

While in game go to quit and pick Cpu as all officers. Then press L1,L2,R1,R2,select and start. You will be asked who you would like to play as, pick up to 8 officers.

Contributed By: TheFourGuardians.


Hidden Characters

Use these Names to create secret characters with pre-determined attributes.

Sitting Bull
Thomas Edison
William Cody
Patrick Henry
John Henry
Jim Bridger
William Seward
Kit Carson
John Adams
Jedidiah Smith
Albert Einstein
Benedict Arnold
Davy Crockett
Abraham Lincoln
Sam Houston
Red Cloud
Pecos Bill
Paul Revere
Paul Bunyan

Contributed By: UVGP.

PAL Hidden Characters

On the Officer Edit mode. Make a character with any of the following names, as written, to unlock that character:

Bai QiUnlock Bai Qi
Chen QingzhiUnlock Chen Qingzhi
Fan ZengUnlock Fan Zeng
Han XinUnlock Han Xin
Kong QiuUnlock Kong Qiu
Li JiUnlock Li Ji
Lin XiangruUnlock Lin Xiangru
Liu BangUnlock Liu Bang
Sun BinUnlock Sun Bin
Wang JianUnlock Wang Jian
Xiang JiUnlock Xiang Ji
Yang DaiyanUnlock Yang Daiyan
Ying BuUnlock Ying Bu
Ying ZhengUnlock Ying Zheng
Yue FeiUnlock Yue Fei
Yue YiUnlock Yue Yi

Contributed By: roshakubo.


100% Completion Bonuses

Saving the game after seeing an event/holding an item will add said event/item to your in-game log. Finding 100% of either will unlock special bonuses for characters created in the Create-A-Character mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
See 100% of the in-game event sequencesAll NPC portraits for use in created characters
Obtain 100% of the in-game items/weaponsHigher stat potential, more skills and more tactics for created characters

Contributed By: z129000.


Easy Money

First you need to have a friend who is a free officer(for best results). The higher the relationship level, the better(this almost always works with oath brothers). You need to form a band, and invite this friend to join. Be sure to invite only this friend.Then, withdraw all money from the band's funds(new bands start at 2000). Then, resign from your post as captain. Your friend will try to convince you to stay, and when you refuse, he will give you 50 gold. Every time you form a new band with that person, it will have 2000 gold in its funds. You easily max out your money this way. This can be especially helpful when trying to get all of the items.

Contributed By: Blubbahead.

Fast Fame

There is a quick way (in terms months spent in game) to max out your fame to 60,000 so you can quickly recruit soldiers, after creating a band, then go after all of China for yourself.

All you do is choose a general (preferably someone with decent war stats. I chose Zhao Yun) and resign. Then save your game and choose a random ruler and apply (preferably a ruler that doesn't have a general with equal or better war stats ex. Lu Bu). The ruler may or may not choose to test your strength in a duel (this is where you might need to reload in case he just decides to throw you a banquet). If you win the duel, you instantly get 3,000 fame (PER FIGHT!). That's equivilent to recruiting like 15 generals a month, or sucessfully executing 15 plots (too bad you can only do it once per counsel meeting). You can keep switching in between two rulers (ex. Gongsun Zan and Gongsun Du). The computer is dumb so it will keep recruiting you IF you came from another town already. LOL!

When you get your fame maxed out, go find someone extremely compatible to your character (I chose Ma Chao) and make him a sworn brother. From that point, you will be able to sucessfully create a band w/ that general joining you (make sure you choose him). Afterwards, just move to a city (I chose Chang An) with high population and keep recruiting soldiers while leeching off their economy for free gold and supplies. The high fame will allow you to rake in alot more soldiers when recruiting from the tavern! During that time you can visit various cities to recruit other generals in preparation of declaring a city.

Contributed By: Seigi.