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Monster Rancher 4


After you beat Xevion

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game & wait for a few weeks after you beat itAdventure+ Mode
Beat the game & wait for a few weeks after you beat itPhoenix
Go to Togle and talk to Gunwale first. If you get the event with Yuri, keep going to Togle and talk to Yuri for a few weeks until she changes stance.Togle Shop Upgrade (Able to buy Shrimp, Salmon, Fish and Vitamin)
Go to Torble and talk to Chiho first. If she says something about a date in it. Keep talking to her for a few weeks until she changes stance.Torble shop upgrade (Able to buy Pork, Oily Oil, Rose Perfume and Emerald)

Contributed By: amadorcruz1.

Get Kasumi

UnlockableHow to Unlock
KasumiGo to the shrine to create a monster, and when it asks you to put in a disk use the DOA2 Hardcore game.

Contributed By: Sabastion.

Easter Eggs

Formula 1 Monster

If you insert Gran Turismo 3 when creating a monster, you will get a monster with the body of a Formula 1 car, a helmet for a head, and tires on the arms and legs.

Contributed By: PhillyGuy826.

Get FakeGraffiti

Go to the shrine, when asked to insert CD, put Monster Rancher Hop A Bout (PS)CD. You will get rare Zan (Zan/???) monster that looks Zan but on handwriting style or Doodles style. Very unique and funny monster.

Contributed By: Raseruz.

Get main character from fatal frame!

When unlocking monsters, use your disk for fatal frame 1 and put it in. You will a Miku, the main character from fatal frame, another game done by tecmo.

Contributed By: NinjaPluto3.

Get Mr.Fujiyama

Go to the shrine and insert the Lilo & Stitch DVD. You'll recieve a sumo ninja turtle.

Contributed By: Arbter7.

Get the ''Goku'' of legend!

Go to the shrine and enter DBZ Budokai (PS2). You'll have unlocked the "monkey king" of legend!

Contributed By: Arbter7.

Get the Baseball Boy Moster

By inserting the Field of Dreams DVD you will create Baseball Boy

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

Get the HipMew

By inserting the Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD you will create HipMew

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

Get the Kagemusha

By inserting the Onimusha 1 game (PS2) you will create Kagemusha

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

Get the Pirate Ape

By inserting the Splinter Cell game (PS2) you will create Pirate Ape

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

Get Wolfie!

By inserting the Dead To Rights disc, you create a blue wolf-like monster, kinda like Jack Slate's husky Shadow.

Contributed By: PhillyGuy826.

Get Yellow Pants Monkey from Ape Escape 2

When you get a chance to create a monster, put in the Ape Escape 2 PS2 game to get one of the original monkeys from the Ape Escape series.

Contributed By: CLdanny8.

How to get ShogunMogi

Enter the shrine and insert the Spirited Away DVD, you get a Japanese priest.

Contributed By: Arbter7.

Matrix Rabbit

At the shrine, put in Enter the Matrix. This will result in you getting a black rabbit in an all black suit and sunglasses.

Contributed By: Gamefreq.

Red Pants Monkey

To Unlock a Monkey from Ape Escape with the red pants, go to the shrine one you can create monsters. When it asks for you to put in a disk, put in the first Ape Escape game. You now have the monkey from Ape Escape with the menacing Glare and red boxing gloves.

Contributed By: Gamefreq.

Secret Gamepro monster

Gamepro got there hands on this game and made a great monster.
It's name is Gameprobot and can be achieved by going to the shrine and putting in Gameshark2v2(for PS2). It will come out a shiny metallic dragon.

Contributed By: Jokertrainer.

Unlock WhiteHound

Go to the shrine and enter the Princess Mononoke DVD. You'll get a white wolf that has ears instead of horns!

Contributed By: Arbter7.


Pandora's Disk

There is a Pandora's Disk for this game and the best thing is you don't need to buy it.This Pandora's Disk is built right into the game.When your at the place to make monsters but instead of putting a game in just keep the Monster Rancher 4 disk in and like the Pandra's Disk for Monster Rancher 2 you will get a special monster depending on your breeder lvl.

Contributed By: Nekocatz.