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Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure


Some Codes.

At the enter cheat screen, enter the following codes.
All codes are case-sensative.

sweetthreadsAll Create-A-Skater Items
friendsofbobAll skaters
superchargerConstant Special Meter
extremepassportLevel select
savannahLion King Music Video
nuggetTarzan Music Video
marinToy Story Music Video

Contributed By: mrPICKLENOSE and Starky27.


Extra characters

Additional characters can be unlocked by clearing certain goals.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bring down Clayton's tent in Human Camp.Jane
Turn on all the arcade machines in Pizza Planet.Jessie
Complete all the goals in Olliewood.Lil' Romeo
Grind the water hole in Scar's Canyon.Nala
Collect the elephant spirits in Elephant Graveyard.Rafiki
Free the gorillas with Tarzan in Clayton's Ship.Terk
Defeat him by removing his battries with Buzz Lightyear in Zurg's Fortress.Zurg

Contributed By: Fulgore2005.

Extra levels

Additional levels can be unlocked by clearing a certain amount of goals.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear 8 goals in Jungle Treehouse and Human Ship.Clayton's Ship
Clear 4 goals in Pride Rock.Elephant Graveyard
Clear 4 goals in Jungle Treehouse.Human Camp
Clear 4 goals in Andy's room.Pizza Planet
Clear 8 goals in Pride Rock and Elephant Graveyard.Scar's Canyon
Clear 8 goals in Andy's Room and Pizza Planet.Zurg's Fortress

Contributed By: Fulgore2005.

Unlock Special Tricks

Special tricks are unlocked by playing in "Play Game" mode. Each character has a total of three unique special tricks that are unlockable. The following task must be completed on a total of three levels to unlock a character's complete set of special tricks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 25 out of 25 collectibles in a level.Special trick

Contributed By: rr a ven.