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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom


Alternate ending sequence

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 100 golden spatulasAlternate ending

Contributed By: Trooper54.

Easy shiny objects in Sand Mountain

Go to the third area in the level, which is called Sand Mountain. Destroy all Tikis that are around. For the Tikis next to the bus stop, use Bubble Bowl then aim at the Thunder Tiki in the middle and they will all explode. For the Tikis next to Larry, Cruise Bubble the Stone Tiki at the top and Bubble Bowl the Thunder Tiki next to them. Note: If you do not have the Cruise Bubble move, sneak up to the Shh Tikis and destroy them all. Then, Bubble Bowl the Thunder Tiki and the Stone Tiki Will explode. Then, start the level and fall off immediately. The Tikis will be there again. Destroy them again as many times as desired.

Contributed By: RaChuChu.

Easter Eggs

Green Flames from Tubelet

Play SBSP: BFBB on St. Patrick's day, and Tubelet (the 3 robots stackedon top of each other) will shoot green flames, instead of the usual orange.

Contributed By: DEATHKILLER-93.