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The Warriors


99 Credits in Armies of The Night

Enter this cheat when playing the Armies of The Night mini-game.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, RightGet 99 Credits in Armies of The Night

Contributed By: GAZMASK.

Codes for The Warriors

During gameplay

L1, Select, Square, Down, L2, Right100% Completion
R1, R2, L1, X, Down, L1200 dollars, 3 pieces of Flash, and some cans.
Square, R2, Down, Down, L1, L1Bat
Circle, Circle, Down, R2, L2, CircleBum Advice Upgrade
Down, Square, X, Select, R1, LeftComplete mission you're on
Square, Circle, Triangle, Select, X, LeftInfinite Rage
down,square,left,x,L1,selectInfinite sprint
Down, Down, Select, Up, Up, L3Knife
Up, Select, X, Triangle, Triangle, SquareLose cops
L1, X, R1, R1, Select, R2Machete
R2, Circle, Select, Up, L1, RightPipe
L3, L3, Circle, Up, Circle, SelectUnbreakable Bat
X, L1, Down, Square, Up, XUnlock Combat Stamina Upgrade
UP, X, Up, Select, L3, L1Unlock Cuff Drops
Left, X, X, R2, L1, DownUnlock Cuff Key Drops
L2, X, R2, L1, L1, CIRCLEUnlock Flash Capacity upgrade
Down, Left, Up, Up, Square, RightUnlock Flash Upgrade
R1, R1, L1, R1, L1, UPUnlock Hobo Alliance
L2, Select, Select, Select, Select, TriangleUnlock Sprint Stamina Upgrade
R3, R2, R1, L3, L2, L1Unlock steel-toe boots
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Select, Triangle, R1Unlock Uncuff self
Right, R1, Circle, X, Select, SquareUnlock Weapons Dealer
Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, Select, TriangleUnlocks brass knuckles
Up,Triangle,L3,Select,X,L2You have infinite health

Contributed By: thrice316, tymoney321, G1zzy, and GAZMASK.


Credits Mini-Game

Successfully complete the game, then during the ending credits you can play as the Riffs and fight against the Rogues on the beach.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game.Play as the Riffs vs The Rogues

Contributed By: vegeta123456.

Flashback Missions

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 'Blackout'Flashback Mission A
Complete 'Real Heavy Rep'Flashback Mission B
Complete 'Writer's Block'Flashback Mission C
Complete 'Encore'Flashback Mission D
Complete 'Boys In Blue'Flashback Mission E

Contributed By: Viogamer.

Instant Rage when at full health

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the Bonus where you have to take 10 hits of flashInstant Rage

Contributed By: MallowOfDoom.

Unleash the Fury mode

Beat the game with 100% completion on the Hardcore Soldier difficulty to unlock the Unleash the Fury difficulty. In this new difficulty mode you play through the main game as the Baseball Furys gang.

Contributed By: mikedutches.

Unlock Armies of the Night mini game

Beat the game on any difficulty, completeing the main and flashback missions and when you return to your hangout there will be an arcade box featuring The Armies of the Night, a testament to old school 2D brawlers.

Contributed By: mikedutches.

Unlock yourself when cuffed.

Beat the Coney side mission "Freedom" to unlock yourself when arrested if you have keys.

Contributed By: joravec.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the 'Armies Of The Night' minigameGhost Ajax
Complete the 'Armies Of The Night' minigameGhost Cleon
Complete the 'Armies Of The Night' minigameGhost Cyrus
Complete the 'Armies Of The Night' minigameGhost Fox
Complete the 'Armies Of The Night' minigameGhost Swan

Contributed By: Arkturus.

Unlockables For Extra Damage, Health, And Equipment

To Unlock These, Beat Bonus Missions

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Help Get Back The Tiki CostumeAdelphion As Rumble Character
Tag all Boppers burners in "Sharp Dressed Man" flashback level.Big Moe
Beat The Hurricanes In Turf InvasionBrass Knuckles
Successfully complete level 8 to unlock Chatter Box.Chatter Box
Successfully complete "Home Run" level to unlock Cobb.Cobb
Get 8000 points in "Writers Block" to unlock the Electric Eliminators for Rumble Mode.Electric Eliminators
Arrest The Coney StalkerHand Cuffs To Use On Enemies
Run To Twiggys Store And Get a Foam Finger While Dosed On FlashIncreased Flash Capacity
Free Twiggys ContactsKeys
Do the same thing as you do to unlock the EE's(Electric Eliminators.Panzers
Complete the "Feed the bums" bonus mission.Recruit Bums ComRecruit bums
Beat The Jones Street Boys In Turf InvasionSteel Toed Boots
Get a certain amount of points(can't remember how many) in flashback A to unlock Tiny and the other Satan's Mothers leader.Tiny

Contributed By: 666Brandon666, WolfMan_316, and mikedutches.