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Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish a set of songs with any character of your choice. The character slot horizontally adjacent will be unlocked.Unlock Dancers

Contributed By: etherstyle.

Every five songs, you will have an opportunity to unlock a new song. At the end of the five songs, you will be prompted to an extra stage with reverse, and 1.5x speed settings, your choice of difficulty. If beaten, you will now have access to that song, and move onto the next unlockable.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 10 Songs"5.1.1." by dj nagureo
Complete 15 Songs"Absolute" by dj taka
Complete 25 Songs"AM-3P" by KTz
Complete 30 Songs"Burnin' the Floor" by Naoki
Complete 35 Songs"Can Be Real" by Vision F
Complete 40 Songs"Can't Stop Falling in Love" by Naoki
Complete 45 Songs"Celebrate Nite" by N.M.R.
Complete 5 Songs"Freedom" by BeForU
Complete 20 Songs"I Need You ~inside out mix~" by Supa Fova
Complete 55 Songs"Matsuri Japan" by RevenG
Complete 60 Songs"ORION.78 ~AMeuro-Mix~" by Re-Venge
Complete 65 Songs"PARANOiA -Respect-" by .3K
Complete 50 Songs"Stars ~second naoki's style~" by TERRA

Contributed By: etherstyle.

Endless Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 26 sets of 3 songs.Endless Mode

Contributed By: NostalgicX.