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BloodRayne 2


cheat codes

For the following cheats to be valid, the last word must be highlighted.

cargo fire imp kak1,000 carnage points
late nurture qweef super1,000 gun points
bone this curry voteall combos
Pension reap super vulgarall FMV sequences
whiskey fake kablow shootall gun modes
blank ugly pustule eaterall powers
whack lick erotic cunninglyalternate outfits
dodge this moist pimpenemies explode
naked juggy resistance pacyfill bloodlust
blue green purple impfreez enemies
uber taint joad durf kwisgod mode
ugly dark heated orange quaffinfinate ammo
pimp reap dark dark museinfinate rage
anomalies are juan insulatedlevel select
want this dark reality taint qweefmaster code
this dark distorted realityoverload mode
whack this molested ninjarefill ammunition
nurture happy pustule erasurerestore health
aredent hungry naked ninjaslideshows
quantum lamentdistorted dotingtime factor
terminal reality super uber xxx vacateunlimited health

Contributed By: darkbow.


Developer Hidden messages

Type any of these passwords in the code screen to get a hidden message from the developers.

Rayne RulesHidden Message
Majesco RulesHidden Message
Terminal Reality RulesHidden Message

Contributed By: outlawdarkwolf.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game one time through.All Coustumes
Beat the game one time through.All Movies
Beat the game one time through.All Slideshows

Contributed By: outlawdarkwolf.