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The Punisher


Modern Punisher Costume

At profile name entry

WOODCHIPPERModern Punisher Costume

Contributed By: Rafi_fauzan.

Unlock all weapons and stages

In the profile screen type

V PIRATEunlock all weapons and stages

Contributed By: Ghostrider99.


Unlimited Points

In the Stark Tower level, during your second encounter with the chopper, use the sniper rifle to pick off the first couple of snipers. An armored yakuza will come out of the doorway and try to kill you. Kill the yakuza and stand directly next to the doorway that he came out of. Wait for another to emerge and grab him before he can shoot you. Interogate him, then quick kill. Rinse, repeat. Watch as the points (and bodies) pile up! If you stand right next to the door and pounce as soon as the doors open you will not get shot, and no matter how many you kill, they will keep coming. And don't worry about the chopper, the snipers cant hit you where you are standing.

Contributed By: Moribund777.

Zero Reload Time

Right after you run out of bullets and Castle starts reloading press R2 (Dodge) and youll be fully loaded and able to shoot during that dodge. Works if you manually reload then dodge as well.

Contributed By: DJXStreAM.


Comic Book covers

To unlock all Comic Book covers you must successfully complete "Challenge" and "Punishment" modes.

Contributed By: Swiftshark.

Concept Art

Get at least a bronze metal in all level to unlock the Concept Art

Contributed By: sephirosuy.

Unlockable Extras

Get a "Gold Medal" Rank on the following levels to unlock the associated cheats.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Lucky's Bar LevelCrazy Deaths Cheat
Crack House LevelGun Splitters Cheat
Every levelInvincibility
Stark Towers LevelNo Reloads
Ryker's Island LevelOne Shot Kills
Pier 74 RevisitedUnlimited Ammo
Takagi Building LevelUnlimited Slaughter

Contributed By: Swiftshark and Master Of Magnetism.

Unlockable Weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the Gnucci Estate level.40 cal Submachine Gun
Beat the Igor Baltiysky level.50 cal Semi-automatic Pistol
Beat the Central Zoo level5.56mm Assault Rifle
Beat the Fisk Industries level5.7mm Submachine Gun
Beat the Pier 74 level7.62mm Assault Rifle
Beat the Pier 74 Revisted levelAnti-tank Weapon
Beat the Takagi Building levelAuto Shotgun
Beat the Stark Towers levelBattle Rifle
Beat the Igor Baltiysky levelFlame Thrower
Beat the Pier 74 levelGrenade Launcher
Beat the Gnucci Estate levelHand Cannon
Beat the Grey's Funeral Home levelMachine Gun
Beat the Chop Shop LevelMachine Pistol .45 cal
Beat the Grey's Funeral Home levelMachine Pistol 5.56mm
Beat the Lucky's Bar levelRevolver
Beat the Grand Nixon Island levelSniper Rifle

Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

Easter Eggs

Black Widow Cameo

Part way through the Pier 74 level The Punisher will rescue Black Widow, who will then join him for the duration of the mission.

Contributed By: Vilge Duin.

DareDevil Cameo

After the battle with Bullseye Frank's blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil's alter ego) comes in and Frank fires him.

Contributed By: Swiftshark.

Hidden Spiderman reference

During the cutscene immediately following "the Crackhouse" level if you look closely at the license plate of the car that tries to hit Frank you'll notice that it says: "ASM129"

The Punisher first made his appearance in "Amazing Spider Man issue #129"

Contributed By: Swiftshark.

Hulk in laptop screens

Go to any laptop during the game and look directly at the screen. The figure of the hulk appears flexing.

Contributed By: FYREWOLF88.

King Pin Cameo

Wilson Fisk, aka The King Pin, arrives to talk to the Punisher for a brief moment during the Fisk Industries level. He also appears in a movie after the game is completed.

Contributed By: Vilge Duin.

Nick Fury Cameo

Part way through the Grand Nixon Island Level Nick Fury arrives and joins up with The Punisher for a period of time.

Contributed By: Vilge Duin.