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Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask


Freeze Game

Do not flee from battle unless absolutely necessary. If you are fleeing from battle more than you are actually fighting, your game may eventually freeze, or it will flash the leading character and tag along character repeatedly on a black screen, frozen in the last position they were in before they were attacked. You may also loose all visuals. You will still hear you characters movements and/or actions, but will not see anything but a black screen. If you intend to flee often, make sure to save your progress frequently. The only way to exit this is to restart the PlayStation2.

Contributed By: way2tired2name.


New Game Bonus

Complete the game once and save when the game prompts you to do so, start a new game and play up until you get to Kaede's Village. Find the cat in the village and you will be able to retain all your characters techs from the previous game and some exp.

Contributed By: Correy.

Sesshomaru Alternate Ending

When you get interval scenes, sometimes it will say, "Would you like to spend the night?". Respond "No" and you will not get an interval scene. If you say "No" to all of the optional interval scenes you should only spend one scene with each of the five main characters. When you switch places with Utsugi and you go to Naraku's castle, the game gives you the option to find the others or tell Sesshomaru about Rin. Choose "Tell Sesshomaru about Rin". Then, do all of the random events with Sesshomaru. Random events are when question marks appear on the map screen (instead of exclamation points). The first is in "The Field of Ignorance", the second time around go to "Road to Kasasagi", and the last time go to "Forest to Tsuzumi". In all of these places, if you wander around, you should find Sesshomaru and trigger an event scene. After you do all of this, Sesshomaru's picture should appear when you save your game. At the end of the game you will get the Sesshomaru ending. Note: You may have to do this twice. The first time to unlock or enable it and the second time to actually get it. also you must be using the female character

Contributed By: way2tired2name.