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Naval Ops: Commander


Rewards for number of kills

Kill a certain amount of ships to receive various items at the end of a mission

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill 500 destroyers102mm Rapid Fire Cannon
Kill 100 aircraft127mm Rapid Fire Cannon
Kill 999 PT Boats2 X 100cm 60 Caliber
Kill 100 PT Boats2 X 25.4cm 60 Caliber
Kill 500 PT Boats2 X 80cm 60 Caliber
Kill 999 aircraft356mm Chain Gun
Kill 100 destroyers4 x 30mm CIWS
Kill 100 cruisersBurst Torpedoes
Kill 500 battleshipsCruise Missile Launcher
Kill 999 submarinesEnigmatech Sturla
Kill 500 submarinesGood Luck Charm
Kill 999 battleshipsMulti Purpose Missile VLS
Kill 100 battleshipsMulti Warhead VLS
Kill 999 destroyersNew AGS 203mm Cannon
Kill 500 aircraftNew AGS 254mm Cannon
Kill 999 cruisersNew Quantum Torpedoes
Kill 500 cruisersSpecial Warhead Torpedoes
Kill 100 submarinesWeapons Command System

Contributed By: TG_Gau.

Silent Rewards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat mission F-BAtomic Engine E
Get an A rank on F-10Wave Gun

Contributed By: kyle 12.