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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect


Fighting the Dear Creature

When you are fighting the Dear Creature in the dining room of the mansion, hide in the spot of the wall that the dear broke through while you shoot him and he won't be able to touch you!

Contributed By: ViiP3R.

Killing the Goliath

When the big goliath appears that you have to fight in the "something to Crow about" level, just run into the little room it came from and hide in the corner to the right of the entrance. For some reason it can't hit you here, and every tim it fires its guns it hurts itself. You can just sit back and let it kill it self.

Contributed By: Ambivalentiowa.

Mapmaker Collision Glitches

There are two tiles in the Virtual Tile set (and only the virtual tileset) that don't have collision. The first one is tile Number 35: Trench Ramp, this tile will allow a vehicle to be driven through the back side of the ramp (but only while your in a vehicle). The second one is tile number 37: Trench Corner Ramp and number 38 (same tile but mirrored). This one will allow you to walk through the backside of the ramp (but unlike the other one you can't drive through it just walk). You can use this to make hidden pasageways for vehicles or secret hiding spaces for powerups and other items.

Contributed By: JManGT312.

Permanent Scope

When playing a game, in either Single or Multiplayer, zoom in with a weapon that has a scope and press Start. Now, let go of the zoom button and press Start again. You will now have a permanent scope on till you either die or press the zoom button again.

Contributed By: SilentOblivion.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
beat 1st Story MissionAnya & The General Characters
Complete 'Mansion Of Madness' on the Easy difficulty settingArthur Aching
Beat the challenge 'Avec Le Brique' with a Bronze or betterAztec Warrior
Complete the Cut-Out Shoot-Out challenge "Balls of Steel" with a bronze or betterBadass Cyborg
Beat the Hooded Man on EasyBerserker Splitter
get 250 pts. or more on "Cortez cant Jump"Big Hands cheat
Complete Outbreak Hotel with a Bronze or betterBig Heads
Beat Zany Zeppelin with a bronze or higherBooty Guard
Complete 'Old Blaggers' with a bronze or higherBraces
Complete 'Brain Drain' with a bronze or higherBrains
Complete the Challenges category "Super Smashing Great"Brick
Complete 'Screw Loose' with a bronze or higherCandi Skyler
Complete the Arcade League level Pirate Gold with a bronze or higherCaptain Ed Shivers
Complete the Cut-Out Shoot-Out challenge "Hart Attack" with a bronze or betterCardboard Characters
Beat the challenge Rare or Well Done with a bronze or higherCarrion Carcass
Complete 'Zone Control' with a bronze or betterCascade
Complete Honorary League with all GoldsChangeling
Beat, "Dehead the undead" with bronze, silver, or goldCheat: Rotating Heads
Complete 'Ninja Garden' with a bronze or higherChinese Chef
Beat "Lap It Up" in under 2:15Comrade Papadov
Beat Future Perfect on MediumCorpreal Hart
Beat all story missions in co-opDaisy Dismal
Beat the Arcade League match I like Dead People with a bronze or higherDeadwina
Complete 'Oh Shoal-O-Mio' with a bronze or higherDeep Diver
Complete 'Lip Up Fatty' with a bronze or higherDozer
Complete story level "What Lies Below" on Easy or higherDr. Lancet
Get all golds or higher in Amateur LeagueDr. Peabody
Beat Story level 'You Genius, U-Genix' on easy.Dr.Amy
Beat story level 'You Genius, U-Genix' on normal.Dr.Cortez
Beat the challengeMelon Heist on Monkeying Around with a bronze or higherElite Henchman
Beat Khallos Express on MediumElite Henchwoman
Get a bronze or higher on "Commuting Will Kill You"Fat Characters Cheat
Get all Bronze medals in the Amateur LeagueFergal Stack
Complete 'Mansion Of Madness' on the Normal difficulty settingGaston Boucher
Complete Story Level "Machine Wars" On Normal or higherGhengis Kant
Complete Amateur League with all Silvers or goldsGideon Gout
Beat "Cat's Pajamas" under 2:35Gilbert Gastric
Complete the Cut-Out Shoot-Out challenge "Come Hell or High Water" with a bronze or betterGoddard
Complete story level "Something to Crow About" on easy or higherGOLIATH SD/9
Complete 'Freak Unique' with a bronze or higherHans
Beat The Russian Connection on MediumHechman Cortez
Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Cats Out Of The Bag challengeHuman Gun Sounds cheat
Beat Story level 'Breaking And Entering' on Easy difficultyInceptor
Complete Elite League with all goldsINSETICK SD/10
Beat Story level 'Breaking And Entering' on Normal difficultyJack Sprocket
Beat Future Perfect on EasyJacob Crow
Beat Vamping in Venice with a gold or higher (I got a gold you can probably go lower)Jacque de la Morte
'The Dead, The Bad And The Silly' with a bronze or higherJared Slim
Complete all challenges with Gold or better.Jed
Beat all story missions in co-opJim Smith
Complete Story mode level Mansion of Madness on Normal or betterJo Barf Creepy
Beat Scotland the Brave on EasyJungle Queen
Complete story mode on hard.Karma Crow
Complete 'The Khallos Express' on the Easy difficulty settingKitten Celeste
Complete 'A Pox Of Mox' with a bronze or higherKoozer Mox
Get a bronze medal or higher in the Honorary League challenge "Rumble in the Jungle"Leo Krupps
Beat Big Game Hunt with a silver or higherLeonid
Beat Future Perfect on EasyMad Old Crow
Beat the third challenge on Monkeying Around with a bronze or higerMischief the Clown
Beat the challenge Eletrco Chimp Discomatic with a bronze or higherMonkey Gun
Beat Story level 'Machine Wars' on Easy difficultyMordercai Jones
Complete all challenges with atleast a bronze for eachMr. Fleshcage
Complete 'Sock It To Them' with a bronze or betterMr. Socky
Beat the challenge Glimpse of Stocking with a bronze or higherMr. Underwood
Complete 'Freak Unique' with a bronze or higherNeophyte Constance
Complete 'Zone Control' with a bronze or betterNeophyte Lucian
Beat the challenge 'Toy Soldiers' with a Bronze or betterNobby Peters
Complete League Challenge "Missile Bunker" with a Bronze or HigherNurse Sputum
Beat the TSUG: Timesplitters Underground challenge with a bronze or higher.Oleg
Complete the Challenge "Absolutely Potty" with a bronze medal or higherPaintball Mode
Complete 'Screw Loose' with a bronze or higherPrison Officer
Complete 'Something To Crow About' on normal difficultyPrivate Jones
Complete League Challenge "Virtual Brutality" with a Bronze or higherPROMETHEUS SK/8
Beat the challenge Plainly Off His Rocker with a bronze or higher.Pulov Yuran
Complete Story mode Level You take the Highroad on Easy or betterRobot Louis Stevenson
Beat the challenge 'Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby' with a Bronze or betterSapper Johnson
Complete all Challenges with atleast all Silver Medals.Sewer Zombie
Complete Elite League with all silvers or goldsSister Faith
Finish Rockets 101 with a Bronze medal (or maybe higher, not sure, but bronze for sure)Slow Motion Deaths
Complete 'A Pox Of Mox' with a bronze or higherSmall Heads
Beat the Arcade League level with a Gold or higher (You can probably get lower than a gold)Snowman
Complete Challenge Dehead the Undead with a Bronze or bigherSpinning Heads
Complete 'Front Loaded' with a bronze or higherStumpy
Complete 'The Russian Connection' on the Normal difficulty settingSwinging Tipper
Complete Divine Immolation with a Bronze or betterThe Master
Beat The Hooded Man on MediumTime Assasian
Complete Story mode Level `You take the Highroad` on Medium or better.Time Assassin Cortez
Beat the challenge 'Boxing Clever' with a Bronze or betterTin-Legs Tommy
Complete 'Astro Jocks' with a bronze or betterTommy Jenkins
Beat the arcade league challenge 'Bag Slag' with a Bronze or betterVenus
Beat Future Perfect on MediumVictorian Crow
Recieve bronze in "Hart Attack" challengeViola
Complete League Challenge "Big Game Hunt" with a Bronze or higherVlad the Installer
Complete 'Scotland The Brave' on the Normal difficulty settingWarrant Officer Cain
Complete Honorary League with all silvers or goldsWarrant Officer Keely

Contributed By: dlevere, JimmySukkus, Firestorm ZERO, Arkturus, Gamer7048, Ramzathelancer, mypantsaresobaggy, neothe0ne, goldeneye86, Ultima Sonic Power, B.lu4R, Will22, Tingle89, MarksmanR, TailsX, TheRobofish, and ___shigeki.

Easter Eggs

Make a custom zombie

In the 1994 laboratory, after the mansion, you will reach an area with a scientist and a zombie trapped in separate cells. If you activated the computers next to either one, and wiggle the joystick, a program will appear on the computer. Select the white boxes for things to be included in the experiment, and chose degree of variation. Then hit the "Run program" button, and watch as the people in the cages undergo changes!

Contributed By: EwokCommanda.

Story Boards

On the 'Khallos Express' level you will come into Khallos's own personal cart which contains a slide show showing various different Story Boards from the game.

Contributed By: percy boi.


Hidden tunes in Story Mode

Go to the organ in Scotland the Brave. Press X and it will play certain tunes....
The Baseball Music
And another one too. You can hear them over and over again if you wish.

Contributed By: sirloinestake.

Slot machine

In the mission '1969 - The Khallos express' , inside Khallos' private wagon of the train , on your right, you can find a slot machine which you can play with heads of characters in the game.

Contributed By: JoJo50.