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All cars in arcade mode

Under the "extras" screen, in the cheat menu, enter PINT to unlock all cars and classes in arcade mode.

PINTAll cars in arcade

Contributed By: solidsnake101112.


Unlock All Cars

To unlock all cars in career mode, you have to race for about 3-4 months without skipping any of the races.
To unlock all cars in custom mode you have to beat all the arcade series, including the extreme nitrous series.

Contributed By: Cool_gamer111.

Unlock Crewmembers

You unlock crew members by gaining respect with the corresponding crews:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 350 Respect from A.W.B.Amber
Get 400 Respect from VixensChief
Get 650 Respect from urban MaulerzVito

Contributed By: Skyline49.

Unlock Prototype mods

Get 1,500 respect points from all CPU characters to unlock all Prototype mods.

Contributed By: arkaine33.