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God of War


Infinite orbs

During the Challenge of Atlas after you cross the bridge and pass the saw room, there will be an enemy at the bottom of the tower. Don't kill him, just go to the ladder near the wall. Position yourself so that you are between the enemy and the ladder. Use the square, square, triangle combo to take him out. Make sure you kill the enemy above the ladder. Once you kill it, it should hit the ground, then bounce back up getting caught in this bounce. If done correctly, it will continually release red orbs. Once you get the glitch going, just stand there for about 10 minutes. You will get the max amount of orbs, 199 full red bars which is 59,700 orbs.

Contributed By: mikedutches.

Skip conveyer belt area

When you first walk in to the conveyer belt area right before pandoras box you barely go past the entrance as to not activate the battle with harpies and arrowers. Immediately walk as far as your can to the left or right with running into a conveyer belt. Then walk forward next to the conveyer belt until you reach the first pedestal. Jump on it and you should be home free. Now you can liesurely walk to pandoras box without a battle.

The whole idea is that there is an area near the entrance that if you walk in it you will initiate the battle. By walking as close as you can to the edge you are not "tripping the trigger" per say.

Contributed By: InsertNameHere_.


Completion Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on Spartan ModeA Secret Revealed
Beat the Challenge Of The GodsAlternate costumes for Kratos
Beat game once (any difficulty)Birth of the Beast
Beat game once (any difficulty)Challenge of the Gods
Beat game once (any difficulty)Character Graveyard
Beat game once (any difficulty)Credits
Beat game once (any difficulty)Deleted Levels
Beat game once (any difficulty)God Mode
Beat game once (any difficulty)Heroic Possibilities
Beat game once (any difficulty)In-Game Movies
Beat game once (any difficulty)Monsters of Myth
Beat the game on God ModeSecret Message 1
Beat the game on God ModeThe Fate Of The Titan
Beat game once (any difficulty)Visions of Ancient Greece

Contributed By: CptAwsum and Roronoa Zoro.

Easter Eggs

Secret Message 2

Destroy the Ares and Minotaur statues in the throne room at Olympus (use Lance of the Furies: L1+Circle). The secret message is a scrambled telephone number, just read it from left to right to figure it out... it should be pretty obvious. Call the number to get a pre-recorded message describing how cool you are (or aren't).

Contributed By: FantasticCat42.

Secret Number after you beat God Mode

There is a secret number you receive after you defeat God Mode. The secret number is a non scrambled telephone number. Call the number to hear an interesting side story to what really happened to the final boss.

Contributed By: FishSquared.

Sex Mini-game

In the Beginning of Act 2, there are 2 women in your bed when you are inside your ship. If you jump on the bed, A circle will appear above the bed, indicating a Mini-game. Press Circle, and the game will start. All you see is the vase, but as you get further, the vase will shake more and more, until it falls and breaks. you have to press the buttons as it commands it. closer to the end, you have to rotate the Left Analog Stick. If you win, the first time, you get a large amount of Red orbs. Everytime afterwards, you get 5 more.

Contributed By: Chuckgofer.

Surrender Kratos Message

Outside the Temple of the Oracle, in the area with the Gravedigger. Look on the left ledge near a red orb chest, there should be a small firefly buzzing around, Press R2 near it. Now quickly run to where the Gravedigger is and stand on top of the highest mound of dirt, Press R2 again. Finally, run south across the bridge and stand between the two torches and press R2 one more time. If done correctly the words "Surrender Kratos" will be written in the night sky in cursive.

Contributed By: ramza_scythe.


Secret 2 EU Version

In the European version of God of War you do not receive a telephone number scrambled up like in he American version. Instead you receive a secret cutscene which is ensued after destroying the Ares & Minotaur statues.

Contributed By: Dark_Drizzt.