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Guilty Gear Isuka


Unlock Kakusei Ky and Kakusei Sol

First of all, you have to have Ky and So\'s Ex versions unlocked. Play Robo Ky II's Boost Mode on Normal difficulty, and beat Stage 5-E (Last Dance) with 1,500,000 points or more, and a giant Robo Ky II will appear. (Robo Ky II: Substance.) Defeat him to unlock Kakusei Ky and Kakusei Sol. Select them by highlighting Ky or Sol on the character select screen, and press Start twice.

Contributed By: Kamisamaa.

Unlockable Characters

By accomplishing a variety of tasks, you can unlock new characters to use in the game. Zako A, B, and C can only be used in Vs., Training, and Boost modes; Leopaldon may only be used in Vs. and Training modes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Accumulate 100 points in Arcade mode; now EX mode characters will challenge you randomly (their names will be in red). Defeat them to unlock them.EX Mode Characters
Defeat Leopaldon at level 200 in Arcade mode.Leopaldon
beat boost mode in AK II factoryRobo Ky II EX version
Clear Boost Mode once.Zako A
Clear Boost Mode once.Zako B
Clear Boost Mode once.Zako C

Contributed By: EChang and silenthill12345.

Unlockable Stage

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Leopaldan in arcade mode, at level 100.Antarctica Stage

Contributed By: Cataclysm 255.