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Tony Hawk's Underground 2


Misc. Codes

Enter the following at the cheat menu:

likepaulieAlways Special
straightedgeInfinite Rail/Lip balance
aprilsmanPhil Margera
d3structunlock all levels
boxofficeunlock all movies
oldskoolUnlock Natas Kaupas
selloutUnlock Nigel Beaverhousen
costars!unlocks all the main guys

Contributed By: zero182x, DJBMH, Brokaliv, missingoth909, morgan50150, EpsilonGSG, Fuminshoo, and missinglink909.


Explore part of LA's background.

1: Unlock Los Angeles in Classic mode.

2: The are four rails near the starting point of the stage that cause a tremors, grinding all four of them causes the overpass (or highway) to colapse. (One of these rails goes through the small building, one to the left of the building and two are to the right of the building.)

3: Get on top of the building near the overpass then jump on it.

4: There is a ramp on the overpass that leads to a building top, jump this ramp to get on top of the building.

5: Once on top of this building, hit "Pause", hit "Your options" and hit "Set Restart". Then Pause again and hit "Retry Level". This will restore the overpass.

6: Now pause and hit "Goto Restart" under "Your options." You will now be able to jump onto the unfallen overpass, do so.

7: If you've noticed, going right knocks you out of bounds, but going left just hits an invisible wall that does nothing to you. However, there are cars that just pass right through it. If you grab on to one of the bummers (or skicth) of these cars, so will you. You will now be able to explore part of LA's background.

Contributed By: DenverTen.

Get outside of the play area in create a park

First off you need to go to the create-a-park mode, then you need to pick a spot right by the fence and rise the ground up one,and right next to it by the fence lower the ground one. Next grind the top ledge going straight to the fence and quickly jump off your board after you pass the fence ,going out of the play area.

Contributed By: spazychicken.

Glitch in Barcelona. (Do any grab trick on the groung. And you can not bail!!!)

1. Go to the dragon fountain at barcelona.

2. Get off your board and climb on the dragon.

3. Jump on the dragons nose while off the board.(do NOT walk)

4. When you go up in the air do a grab trick and hold on to the grab until you get to the ground. (If you do this right you will not bail.)

5. Now keep on doing tricks and you will be on the ground doing these tricks. You can do any grab and the best part is that you can never bail.

6. If you stop doing tricks or get of your board you will lose the glitch and have to do it over again.

Contributed By: Stewie365.


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Story mode on EasyAlien
Complete Story mode on NormalAlien Doctor
Find all the gapsAll Cheat Codes
Complete the Find Ben Franklin Goal in BostonBen Franklin
Complete Barcelona in Story ModeBull Fighter
Complete Story Mode on SickCall of Duty Soldier
Complete Story mode on EasyGeeky Kid
Complete the Find the Graffiti Tagger Goal in BerlinGraffiti Tagger
Complete Classic Mode on SickJesse James
Complete New Orleans in Story ModeJester
Complete Story mode on NormalLost Soul 1
Complete Classic Mode on SickNatas Kaupas
Complete Classic Mode with 100%Neversoft Skates Movie
Complete Story Mode on SickNigel
Complete Story Mode on NormalPaulie
Complete Story Mode on EasyPedestrian Group A
Complete Story Mode on NormalPedestrian Group B
Complete Story Mode on SickPedestrian Group C
Complete Classic Mode on NormalPedestrians Group D
Complete Classic Mode on SickPedestrians Group E
Complete Story Mode with 100% completionPedestrians Group F
Complete Classic Mode with 100% completionPedestrians Group G
Find all the gapsPedestrians Group H
Complete Story Mode on EasyPhil Margera
Complete Classic ModePro Bails 1 Movie
Complete Story with 100%Pro Bails 2 Movie
Complete Story Mode on any difficultyPro Skater Level
Complete Skateopia in Story ModeRyan Sheckler
Complete Story mode on NormalSea Captain
Complete Story Mode on EasyShrek
Complete Australia in Story ModeShrimp Vendor
Complete Story mode on EasySpace Monkey 1
Complete Classic Mode on NormalSteve-O
Complete Story Mode on NormalThe Hand
Complete Classic Mode on any difficultyThe Triangle Level
Complete Classic Mode on NormalTHPS1 Tony Hawk
Complete Story Mode on any difficultyWorld Destruction Tour Movie

Contributed By: Brokaliv, mypantsaresobaggy, NegativeZer0, and jmw.

Easter Eggs

ATM Destruction

In Boston, on the side of the "Riboff" bank, there is an ATM machine. If you wallplant the machine, it will spit out a lot of money.

Contributed By: Fuminshoo.

Bead Madness

Throw a bead at any girl in New Orleans, and they'll pull up their shirt to reveal the word, censor.

Contributed By: Superjedi008.

Blow up mountain in ''The Triangle'' level

Grind the missle on the side of the helicopter near the beach in the "Triangle" level. A cutscene will play, showing the mountain being blown up. You can now skate inside the mountain!

Contributed By: Edgehead7.

Destroy Berlin

In the Berlin Level on Story Mode grind the pipe next to the Billboard above the train tracks to cause a serious Destruction!

Contributed By: percy boi.

Destroy Boston (kind of)

Catch your self on fire, using the fire you used in Balls of Fire. Then grind the two cannons. There will be a cutscene then part of Boston will be dismantled.

Contributed By: ThereIsNoUserName.

Star Wars Kid Cameo

On the Boston level, turn right from where you first start. Go past the museum into an opening that looks like a typical apartment. Skate to the right of the door you can't go in, come down and skate up that ramp and, at the top of your jump, R2 to level out. You'll break through a glass window and find the Star Wars kid sitting there.

Contributed By: Kali Kloud II.