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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2


US Version Passwords

Go to Input Password in Naruto's house. Then put this in,

Fire-Rat-Dragon-Dog1000 ryo
Fire-Rat-Snake-Dragon1000 ryo
Water-Rat-Rat-Monkey1000 ryo
Water-Rat-Monkey-Rooster1000 ryo
Water-Rat-Rooster-Boar1000 ryo
Water-Hare-Monkey-Monkey1000 ryo
Water-Horse-Rat-Ram1000 ryo
Water-Horse-Hare-Dragon1000 ryo
Water-Horse-Horse-Horse1000 ryo
Water-Ram-Horse-Dog1000 ryo
Water-Ram-Rooster-Monkey1000 ryo
Water-Tiger-Dragon-Tiger5000 ryo
Water-Snake-Rooster-Horse5000 ryo
Earth-Snake-Snake-SnakeGet 1,000 Ryo
Stone-Dragon-Rat-DragonGet Ninja card Tactics 66 and 1000 Ryo
Fire-Ox-Tiger-DogNinja Info Card (Jutsu-63)
Fire-Ox-Hare-HareNinja Info Card (Jutsu-86)
Fire-Dog-Boar-SnakeNinja Info Card (Ninja-74)
Fire-Ox-Dog-SnakeNinja Info Card (Tactics 46)
Fire-Rat-Dragon-HareNinja Info Card (Tactics-157), 5000 ryo
lightening-rat-rat-horseNinja Info card (tactics-87)
Wind-Horse-Horse-HorseNinja Info Card (Tactics-98), 1000 Ryo
Lightning-Rat-Ox-TigerSexy Jutsu Ninja Info Card
Wind - Dog, Monkey, RamUnlock "Fiery Duo's Challenge" - vs. Guy
Lightning-Snake-Rat-DragonUnlock all characters
Fire-Dragon-Snake-TigerUnlocks Naruto's Challenge in 5-rank missions

Contributed By: Charzard125, Chaos Control, Xolver, WildfireFox, Glorfman, sippo44, QuartrGuy, Sabokunogaara, and ffmasterjose.


How to get all the Hidden Secret Scrolls

Here are the ways that you can get the hidden scrolls in each stage

UnlockableHow to Unlock
go forward and back the hole 3 timesChuunin exam stadium
Hit the red fish that jumps up sometimes in the river 3 times(when it jumps)Forest of Death
hit opponent's support character 4 timesHero's Memorial stone
jump on the tree in the background 10 timesHokage's face
make all the lanterns redIchiraku Ramen
get 3 recovering items from the vending machine in the foreground.Kazekage's place
stay on the tail of the fish for at least 2 counts when the wind is blowingKikyoujyou(has 2 big fishes)
destroy 5 trees thats in the fore and backgroundKonoha Forest
dont destroy it but half destory the wall and the stand on both sides(fore BG)Konoha Hot springs
stay standing on the boat for 5 countsNaruto bridge
attack the snake 5 timesOuter Tanzaku gai(with the snake)
destroy 5 of the stuff that's whirling in the tornadoSand place(with the tornado)
destroy 10 stuff that comes out in the fore and background(pots, shuriken targets etc..)Snow stage (JP)
attack the slot machine 8 timesTanzaku gai
attack your opponent's support character 5 timesThe Rainbow Icewall (JP)
destroy 8 stuff that comes out in the fore and background(pots, shuriken targets etc...)Training grounds
go forward and back the snake and the frog with out touching the ground 3 timesWatch tower(with the frog and snake)
stay in the attic place above the place with the bed in the backgroundZabuza's secret hideout

Contributed By: HinoTomo.

Story Mode Character Unlocking

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Haku with Uchiha Sasuke in story 4.Haku
Beat story 4.Hatake Kakashi - ANBU
Beat story 4.Hoshigake Kisame
Beat Jiraiya with Uzumaki Naruto in story 1.Jiraiya
Beat Momochi Zabuza with Jiraiya in story 4.Momochi Zabuza
Beat story 4.Orochimaru
Beat story 2.Orochimaru - Sealed
Beat Orochimaru with Sandaime Hokage in story 1.Sandaime Hokage
Beat Shizune with Tsunade in story 2.Shizune
Complete Guy's TrainingTaijutsu Naruto
Beat story 2.Tsunade
Beat story 4.Uchiha Itachi
Beat story 4.Uzumaki Naruto - Kyuubi
Beat story 3.Yakushi Kabuto

Contributed By: Omega Cosmo and Fromaginator.

The Last 2 Hidden Characters

After finishing the entire story mode (4 arcs), these can be done at any time.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Speak with Hyuuga Hiashi outside the arena. Then at the rooftop. Then speak with Hinata at the training grounds. Head to the arena and beat Neji.Hyuuga Hinata - Successor
Speak with Maito Gai at the marketplace. Head to the next city and buy a Maito suit (100.000 mon). Head to the next screen and fight Gai.Uzumaki Naruto - Maito Suit

Contributed By: Omega Cosmo.

Unlock Hint Scrolls

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win the Tree Climbing game 3 times with times less than 1:20:00.Hint Scroll #1
Get 3 shutout victories in Lee's push-ups mini-game.Hint Scroll #2
Win Guy's Handstand Race 3 times with times less than 1:08:00Hint Scroll #3
Earn 3 perfect victories in Guy's Pose Challenge mini-game.Hint Scroll #4
Earn 3 perfect victories in the Shadow Possession Challenge mini-game.Hint Scroll #5
After obtaining Hint Scroll #3, win Guy's Handstand Race 3 more times with times less than 1:08:00Hint Scroll #6
After obtaining Hint Scroll #2, get 3 more shutout victories in Lee's push-ups mini-game.Hint Scroll #7
After obtaining Hint Scroll #5, earn 3 more perfect victories in the Shadow Possession Challenge mini-game.Hint Scroll #8

Contributed By: Chaos Control.

Easter Eggs

Fan Bonus

Begin a new game using a memory card that has a Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (1) save file on it. You will receive 340 Ninja Info Cards and 50,000 Ryo as a bonus.

Contributed By: Chaos Control.