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NBA Street V3


Easy Trick Points with bad handles

Do the 4 turbo trick and instantly when you start the trick press X to pass it away. Even if your player has bad handles he will just pass the ball away and you will be credited the points.

Contributed By: fo0tba1l.


50,000 Street Points

When you beat Street Challenge mode, you are given 50,000 Street Points.

Contributed By: CableZL.

Unlock Everything

To unlock all of the Street Legends, NBA Legends, obtain all of the V3 Store gear and courts, fully complete the 10 weeks of the Street Challenge.

Contributed By: DJ cream.

unlock trophies

In order to unlock the trophies, complete these challenges:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 'Future of Flight' Slam Dunk ContestFuture of Flight
Complete 'History Lesson: Part 1' Slam Dunk ContestHistory Lesson Part 1
Complete 'History Lesson: Part 2' Slam Dunk ContestHistory Lesson Part 2
Complete 'Legendary Status' Slam Dunk ContestLegendary Status
Complete 'Dunk Contest: New York' Slam Dunk ContestNew York
Complete 'RBK Challenge' Slam Dunk ContestRBK Challenge

Contributed By: ManiacOVG.

Unlockable Street Legends

To unlock the following Street Legends, Complete the following tournment in Street Challenge Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete tournment "Biggie Littles is Back"Biggie Littles
Complete tournment "Can you spare a Dime?"Dime
Complete tournment "Fat Kid on the Block"Phat

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.


Easy 5,000 SP

Start a new Street Challenge with a created character. Skip every day, and you will recieve 5000 sp instead of the normal 50,000. However, this does not require you to play any games.

Note: It would be best to have a newly created character do this since it decreases your rep points.

Contributed By: MissingNo_2.