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Scarface: The World Is Yours


Unlock Cheats.

Pause the game, choose "CHEATS". and enter one of the following...

FLYSTRTCHEAT: Decrease Cop Heat
NOBALLSCHEAT: Decrease Gang Heat
FPATCHCHEAT: Fill Balls Meter
DONUTCHEAT: Increase Cop Heat
GOBALLSCHEAT: Increase Gang Heat
MEDIKCHEAT: Refill Health
BLACKClothing: Black Suit Tony
BLUESHClothing: Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses
GRAYClothing: Gray Suit Tony
GRAYSHClothing: Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses
DUMPERDump Truck
HAWAIIHawaii print/shirt
HAWAIIGHawaii print/shirt w/sunglasses
TUNEMEMusic Track: "The World Is Yours"
TBURGLRRepairs any vehicle player is currently driving.
BUMMERSpawn 4x4 Bodog Stampede
SANDYTan colored outfit
SANDYSHTan colored outfit w/sunglasses
OLDFASTVehicle: Spawn Ariel MK III
666999Vehicle: Spawn Bacinari
DOZERVehicle: Spawn Bulldozer
MARTHAWeather Modifier: Change Time of Day
SHAZAAMWeather Modifier: Toggle Lightning
RAINYWeather Modifier: Toggle Rain
WHITEWhite suit Tony
WHITESHWhite suit Tony with shades

Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook, adangola74, bwgbwd, hellslave, paranormaldude9, and Nooki1.