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Urban Chaos: Riot Response


Cheats For Urban Chaos

On the Main menu screen, with the single player, LAN options etc...
press the following buttons:
up up down down circle down up circle.
This gives you a cheat option on the title screen, enter it and press x to enter these passwords.
they should be entered as written, capslock and no space.
All codes can be turned on and off apart from level unlock code.
Dont use burning bullet code if you are trying to get the arrests medal, the stungun sets them on fire instantly.

DANCINGFEETactivate disco mode
BURNERSREVENGEactivate terror mode
BURNINGBULLETbullets set fire to enemies, like one hit kills
WHATWASTHATturns on squeaky voices
FRYINGTIMEunlock long range stungun
MINIFUNunlock minigun, replaces the pistol
ULTIMATEPOWERunlock MK3 assault rifle with unlimited grenades
ZEROTOLERANCEunlock MK4 pistol
ISEEYOUUnlock Thermal MK2
KEYTOTHECITYunlocks all levels and emergencies

Contributed By: tomski_29 and CardigansFan.


Unlock Terror difficulty and other levels of medals

To unlock the following, successfully complete the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game.Other levels of medals
Complete the game.Terror Difficulty

Contributed By: Mike D.

Unlockable Armor, Weapons and Upgrades

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 32 MedalsAssault Rifle Damage Upgrade
Collect 40 MedalsExtra Assault Rifle Clip
Collect 2 MedalsExtra Pistol Clip
Collect 28 MedalsExtra Shotgun Clip
Collect 135 MedalsFourth Extra Assault Rifle Clip
Collect 105 MedalsFourth Extra Pistol Clip
Collect 125 MedalsFourth Extra Shotgun Clip
Collect 24 MedalsGrenade Belt
Collect 190 MedalsInfinite Assault Rifle Ammo
Collect 170 MedalsInfinite Pistol Ammo
Collect 180 MedalsInfinite Shotgun Ammo
Collect 150 MedalsMaximum Grenade Belt
Collect 204 MedalsMini-Gun
Collect 6 MedalsPistol Damage Upgrade
Collect 36 MedalsPistol Mk. 2
Collect 75 MedalsPistol Mk. 3
Collect 130 MedalsPistol Mk. 4
Collect 14 MedalsRiot Grenades
Collect 100 MedalsSecond Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade
Collect 80 MedalsSecond Extra Assault Rifle Clip
Collect 16 MedalsSecond Extra Pistol Clip
Collect 65 MedalsSecond Extra Shotgun Clip
Collect 60 MedalsSecond Pistol Damage Upgrade
Collect 85 MedalsSecond Shotgun Damage Upgrade
Collect 140 MedalsSecond Stun Gun Range Upgrade
Collect 120 MedalsSecond Upgrade Grenade Belt
Collect 4 MedalsShield Mk. 2
Collect 20 MedalsShotgun Damage Upgrade
Collect 10 MedalsSmoke Grenades
Collect 12 MedalsStun Gun Mk. 2
Collect 70 MedalsStun Gun Range Upgrade
Collect 90 MedalsT-Zero Assault Armor
Collect 45 MedalsT-Zero Battle Armor
Collect 8 MedalsT-Zero Body Armor
Collect 160 MedalsThird Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade
Collect 110 MedalsThird Extra Assault Rifle Clip
Collect 50 MedalsThird Extra Pistol Clip
Collect 95 MedalsThird Extra Shotgun Clip
Collect 115 MedalsThird Pistol Damage Upgrade
Collect 145 MedalsThird Shotgun Damage Upgrade
Collect 55 MedalsUpgraded Grenade Belt

Contributed By: YuGiOhAngel and YuGiOhFm2002.

Unlockable Emergency Missions

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Capture 10 Gang Leaders AliveEmergency: Angel Heights
Capture 4 Gang Leaders AliveEmergency: Dockyard
Capture 1 Gang Leader AliveEmergency: Downtown
Capture 6 Gang Leaders AliveEmergency: Sewers
Capture 2 Gang Leaders AliveEmergency: South Side Lot
Capture 8 Gang Leaders AliveEmergency: Thompson St.

Contributed By: YuGiOhAngel.

Unlockable Weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 2 Emergency SituationsAssault Rifle Mk. 1
Complete 4 Emergency SituationsAssault Rifle Mk. 2
Complete 6 Emergency SituationsAssault Rifle Mk. 3
Complete 1 Emergency SituationShotgun Mk. 1
Complete 3 Emergency SituationsShotgun Mk. 2
Complete 5 Emergency SituationsShotgun Mk. 3

Contributed By: YuGiOhAngel.