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The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction



To enter these codes you will need to go to the Extras Menus. To get to that menu you first need to go to the New Game/Continue Game screen Push Triangle and then Push Right (D-pad or Analog Stick) to use the Extras Menu Tab at the top of the screen. Go to the Code Input Option to enter the following Codes. Note: These codes only work when they have been unlocked in the game.

CABBIESAll Vehicles Become Taxis
AMERICAAmerican shorts for Hulk
AUSSIEAustralian Flag Shorts
RETROBlack and White Graphics
OCANADACanada Flag Pants
CHZGUNCow missiles
DESTROYDouble Hulk's damage abilities
BRINGITDouble Value of Health Pickups
DEUTSCHGerman flag shorts for Hulk
SMASH10Get 10,000 Smash Points
SMASH15Get 15,000 Smash Points
SMASH5Get 5,000 Smash Points
kingknggorillas everywhere
HISTORYSepia mode
BANDERASpanish flag shorts for Hulk
FSHNCHPUK flag shorts for Hulk
VILLAINUnlocks Abomination
DrapeauUnlocks French Flag Shorts
CLASSICUnlocks Gray Hulk(withou suit)
MutandaUnlocks Italian Flag Shorts
FURAGGUUnlocks Japanese Flag Shorts
SUITFITUnlocks Joe Fixit Skin
PILLOWSUnlocks Low Gravity Mode
TransitUnlocks Mass Transit Mode
FROGGIEWild traffic

Contributed By: Oedipus Complex, dvader518, 0OoO0, mattxwing, Packofpacksix, YuGiOhFm2002, and Wolverain.


Character Skin

First you must beat the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Buy him from the move shop for 1 million smash points.Savage Banner

Contributed By: Packofpacksix.

Game Features

Beat the game once and you will be able to select the Hard difficulty in the Replay Story or a New Game. Replay Story allows you to replay the game with all the moves you have already unlocked. You can access the option to replay in the Church.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game onceHard Difficulty
Beat the game onceReplay Story

Contributed By: CJ800.