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The Matrix: Path of Neo


''The Making of..'' Unlockables

Unlockables for the "Making Of.." Section of Extra's

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Found on "Redpill Rescue: The Key", to unlock, Clear the stage without using Weapons.Storyboard Sequence 1
Found on "The Frenchmen" Stage, to unlock, A the end of the dungeon hallway, take a right and follow the passage to a breifcase that's near a gate.Storyboard Sequence 2
Found on "Distorted Dimension" Stage, to unlock, On "Face 2", area with three doors, focus+move the block & open gate to center door, find breifcase.Storyboard Sequence 3
Found on "Distorted Dimension" Stage, to unlock, on "Face 3" move straight ahead from entrance, drop a couple levels down, find breifcase in a niche.Storyboard Sequence 4
Found on "Distorted Dimension" Stage, to unlock, follow steps above, find big stained glass window, wall run up the side, follow ledge to breifcase.Storyboard Sequence 5
Found on "Distorted Dimensions" Stage, to unlock, on "Face 1" wallrun up the wall with windows, focus jump to focus pack, look left, jump to breifcaseView Hand-to-Hand Combo's
Found on "Kung Fu Training", to unlock, execute 3 silent takedowns on all 3 enemies in the tool shop to get a breifcase.View Staff Combo's
Found on "Sword Training" Stage, to unlock, Smash the pot behind the Waterfall to reveal a breifcase.View Sword Combo's

Contributed By: Ravinstorm420.

Misc. Additional Unlockables

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Found on "Aerial Battle" Stage, to unlock, collect the breifcase on the floor of the Kira Rowan building after you or Smith is thrown inside.Blur Cinematic Documentary
Defeat first wave of foes on the "Have you ever had a Dream, Neo?" StageMaster Mode

Contributed By: Ravinstorm420.

Special Combo's

How to unlock Special Combo's

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Found on "The Chase: I need an Exit Stage" to unlock, Find the breifcase in the corner of the market area behind the fruit standsMachine Gun Kick (Strike x5, Focus+Strike, Special Attack+Strike, Rapidly tap Strike
Found on "Storming the Drain" Stage, to unlock, in the 2nd to last room, use the ledges along the wall to reach both of the top two platforms.Quick Kicks (Strike x4, Focus+Strike, Special Attack+Strike)
Found on "Seraph's Apology" Stage, to unlock, once you return to the teahouse from the theatre, destroy all 8 colums and a table to get a breifcaseThe Beginning of the End (Strike x4, Focus+Strike, Special Attack+Strike, Focus+Special Attack, rapidy tap Strike
Found on Weapon's Training Stage, to unlock, Find the breifcase among the Operators secret stash in a dark upstairs roomThe Code Breaker (Focus+Special Attack, Rapidly tap Strike, Special Attack, Rapidly tap Strike)
Found on "The Burly Brawl" Stage, to unlock, Defeat 30 Smith's before the level ends to make a breifcase appear in the center of the level, claim it.The One (Strike x5, Focus+Strike, Special+Strike, rapidly tap Strike, Focus+Special, rapidly tap Strike, Special, tap Strike, Jump, 360 at peak
Found on "Redpill Rescue: Security Gaurd" Stage, to unlock, Defeat the 5 members of SWAT by the stairs in 30 seconds, use frag grenade)Ultimate Hyper Strike (Strike x4, Focus+Strike, Special Attack+Strike, Focus+Special Attack, Strike)

Contributed By: Ravinstorm420.

The one

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the first level "have you ever had a dream , Neo?" without dying.The One mode

Contributed By: I_Can_Explode.

Unlock Zion Archive in Level Select

In the Atman Principles choose the selectable glyph in the 8 o'clock position.
Doing this once permanently unlocks the Zion Archive but will still appear to be available.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Choose the glyph in the 8 o'clock position in the Atman PrinciplesZion Archives

Contributed By: TheJvstin.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully complete the first level without dying."The One" Difficulty Mode
Beat the game on NormalAll weapons, Infinite Ammo
Beat the game on HardBullet Reflection, Infinite Health (God Mode)
Complete all of the training tutorial objectivesCode Breaker
Complete "The One" Difficulty ModeGod Mode
Beat the game on EasyUnbreakable weapons, Vampiric Health

Contributed By: ShadowBayne and Llamaman2.

Unlockables for Media Viewer

Unlockables for the Media Viewer Section of Extra's

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Found on "Dojo Training" Stage, to unlock, complete all training programs (beat Morpheus both in combat and racing)Character Concepts pt. 1
Found on "Taking the Floor" Stage, to unlock, defeat 3 extra waves of Smith's after the Key Maker has unlocked the exit.Character Concepts pt. 2
Found on "He's Heading for the Street" Stage, to unlock, reach Trinity at the 1st Floor ExitLevel Concepts
Found on "Captain's Rescue: Morpheus & Trinity" Stage, to unlock, The corner on the ledge with the health, wallrun up to a 2nd ledge w/ a breifcase.Level Studies
Found on "Downside Up" Stage, to unlock, make sure all columns explode with enemies coming out before they're all defeated, a breifcase will appear.Renderings pt. 1
Found on "Ministry of Smith's" Stage, to unlock, smash a certain statue on the 2nd Floor of the stage to find a breifcase.Renderings pt. 2

Contributed By: Ravinstorm420.