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Warship Gunner 2


Clear Game Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear the game once on any difficultyAdjutant Voice Select (training only)
Clear the game once on any difficultyEnemy Layout Select (training only)
Beat the game two times on any difficultyRubber Ducky ASW tech
Clear the game once on any difficultySpecial Mission Mode
Clear the game once on any difficultySurvival Mode
Beat game second time.Ultra Hard Difficulty
Clear the game once on any difficultyVery Hard Difficulty

Contributed By: TheBlackKnightX and nesagsar.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Defeat Trollsegur without depleting all of its health

After inflicting enough damage to Trollsegur, you'll get a cutscene where the music will change and the ship overpowers its crew and starts fighting on its own. After this point if you wait long enough the ship will become so unstable it will destroy itself without you needing to finish it off, essentially allowing you to just stay in a corner of the map away from harm until the victory cutscene triggers.

Contributed By: GoaFan77.