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Family Guy


Stewie's Arsenal

In order to upgrade to new ray gun options, you need to collect a certain amount of components...
The first option is the straight shot, and the second option is the special shot.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 300 componentsHyper Plasma Ball Lvl 1/Plasma Artillery Lvl 2
Collect 400 componentsHyper Plasma Ball Lvl 2/Shock Wave Lvl 1
Collect 100 componentsPlasma Ball Lvl 1/Spread Shot Lvl 2
Collect 200 componentsPlasma Ball Lvl 2/Plasma Artillery Lvl 1
Collect 20 componentsRay Gun/Spread Shot Lvl 1
Collect 500 componentsRocket Launcher Lvl 1/Shock Wave Lvl 2
Collect 700 componentsRocket Launcher Lvl 2/ Heat Seekers

Contributed By: SephirothsAnger.