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Rayman Raving Rabbids


All Unlockable Items from Story Mode

When you complete all four tests in each round, you will be able to unlock a song, costume, or a trophy (last round of tests).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all 11th round tests"Dark Iron Bunnies" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 5th round tests"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 3rd round tests"Good Time" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 7th round tests"Hip Hop Hooray" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 9th round tests"La Bamba" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 1st round tests"Misirlou" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 13th round tests"The Butcher Deejay" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 14th round tests"Ubisoft Montpellier Choir" Track (Jukebox)
Complete all 12th round testsBunny Costume
Complete all 8th round testsCaramba Costume
Complete all 2nd round testsDee-Jay Costume
Complete all 15th round testsGold Cow Trophy
Complete all 4th round testsGothic Costume
Complete all 10th round testsRaymaninho Costume
Complete all 6th round testsRock 'n' Roll Costume

Contributed By: gotryce22.

Unlock Challenge Mode

Complete Story Mode, and Challenge Mode will be available.

Contributed By: gotryce22.