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Lumines Plus


Unlockable Skins

Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Skins

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete First Set of 51 Puzzles In Puzzle Mode45 Degrees
Reach Level 44 In Challenge ModeAback
Complete Level 2 In VS. CPU ModeAuto Mobile Industry
Reach Level 85 In Challenge ModeBean Jam?
Reach Level 95 In Challenge ModeBig Elpaso
Complete Level 8 In VS. CPU ModeBrash
Complete Level 9 In VS. CPU ModeChinese Restaurant
Reach Level 130 In Challenge ModeCircles
Reach Level 65 In Challenge ModeDa-Di-Do
Reach Level 40 In Challenge ModeDarkside Beside the River
Reach Level 125 In Challenge ModeElect M.G.R
Reach Level 120 In Challenge ModeFly into the Sky
Reach Level 115 In Challenge ModeGet Up and Go
Reach Level 36 In Challenge ModeGo to a Toy Town
Reach Level 75 In Challenge ModeHoliday in Summer
Reach Level 32 In Challenge ModeHometown
Complete Level 1 In VS. CPU ModeJapanese Form
Reach Level 28 In Challenge ModeJust...
Reach Level 56 In Challenge ModeKabuki
Reach Level 105 In Challenge ModeMeguro
Complete Level 5 In VS. CPU ModeMekong
Complete Level 10 In VS. CPU ModeMoon Beam
Play Game For 20 HoursMorning Beats
Reach Level 100 In Challenge ModeMy Generation
Reach Level 90 In Challenge ModeMysterious Travel to Asia
Complete Level 3 In VS. CPU ModePlease Return My CD
Complete Second Set of 51 Puzzles In Puzzle ModePrime Factor
Play Game For 10 HoursRodent
Reach Level 8 In Challenge ModeRound About
Reach Level 52 In Challenge ModeSister Walk
Reach Level 12 In Challenge ModeSlipping
Reach Level 60 In Challenge ModeSo that Someone may Visit You
Reach Level 110 In Challenge ModeSpirits
Reach Level 20 In Challenge ModeSquare Dance
Reach Level 70 In Challenge ModeStrangers
Reach Level 80 In Challenge ModeTake a Dog Out a Walk
Reach Level 24 In Challenge ModeTalk 2 You
Complete Level 4 In VS. CPU ModeThe Bird Singing in the Night
Complete Level 7 In VS. CPU ModeThe Spy Loves Me
Complete VS. CPU ModeTintoy
Reach Level 16 In Challenge ModeTiny Piano
Reach Level 4 In Challenge ModeUrbanization
Score 999,999 Pts In Challenge ModeWater, Flower & Lights
Complete Level 6 In VS. CPU ModeWhoop-De-Do
Reach Level 48 In Challenge ModeWorking in the Hole

Contributed By: Bl3u.