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Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 2


Play As Alfred In Real Bout 2 (US Version)

Choose Real Bout 2 from Main Menu and Enter:

Hold L1 Over One of All Characters And Press X Or CircleAlfred.

Contributed By: karaohu.

Play As Gesses & 4 EX Characters In Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (US Version)

To Play As These Secret Characters first you must let Demonstation run until Ranking screen apear! And Then Do the following Codes:

Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over AndyEX Andy.
Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over Billy KaneEX Billy Kane.
Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over Blue MarryEx Blue Marry.
Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over Tung Fu RueEX Tung Fu Rue.
Right , Right-Up , Up-left , left-Down ,Down-Right , Press And Hold Down-Right Again, Now Quickly Press X ,TRIANGLE , []Unlcoked Gesse ,4 EX Charachers.

Contributed By: karaohu.


In order to select Alfred do the following steps:
1- Defeat Alfred in the arcade mode of RB2.
2- Save your game.
3- Restart another game and press R2 button in Terry's face and Alfred should be playable

Press R2 button in Terry's faceCan select Alfred as your fighter

Contributed By: elconejotres.

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Cheats


Fight Alfred

Fight through the tournament without losing a round and also finish your opponents with the S.Power (7+ times) or the P.Power (5+ times). Alfred will then appear after Geese Howard or Wolfgang Krauser.

Contributed By: jh51681.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Cheats


Play as Nightmare Geese

Enter the ranking screen at the high score table. Quickly press Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right, Up/Right, Up, Up/Left, Left, then hold Up/Left and press A, B, C. Geese will say "Come on" to confirm correct code entry.

Contributed By: JaredTepes.


Fight Nightmare Geese

To fight ''Nightmare Geese'' you must get at least 3 SSS Rankings,2 AAA Rankings,get over 1,000,000 Points,and never get a ranking below A.

Contributed By: TripIe xXx.


Unlock Shadow Characters

At the character select, move to the character you choose to play as, then do the following: Hold the start button (don't let go of it!) Tap buttons in sequence: B, B, C, C. Now hold down the B button for about a second. While still holding B (and Start), press and hold the C button. While holding these three buttons, press A or D to select your character in Shadow form. You may now let go of all the buttons. (A or D is used to select the color of your character's clothes)

Contributed By: tiamold.