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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core


Fight EX, Gold characters in Arcade Mode

Hold down the corresponding button while highlighting Arcade Mode and press Circle.

Note: You can't use Gold or Shadow colors if you fight against Gold Characters.

Hold down L2Fight against EX Characters
Hold down L1Fight against Gold Characters

Contributed By: Yoko.

Hidden GGXX Slash and #Reload Stages

After all the EX Characters have been unlocked, GGXX Slash Stages will slowly be Time Released in Hour increments. Once a stage is unlocked via Time Release, you have access not only to that Slash stage, but also the #Reload version of the stage.

To select the #Reload version of the stage, hold the "Respect" Button while selecting stages and Music, this is usually the R2 Button.

Hold "Respect" (R2)Select GGXX #Reload version of a Stage

Contributed By: Mimeblade.


EX Ending Artwork

To unlock the EX ending artwork, finish Arcade mode with the respective EX Character.

Contributed By: AbominableK.

Guilty Gear Generations

To unlock the Guilty Gear Generations versions of the characters, play the game for a total of 48 hours.

GG Mode: Characters move faster, do relatively more damage, and can Instant Kill opponents without needing to charge. Bursts, Roman Cancels, and Faultless Defense are unavailable. Characters have the ability to charge their tension by holding the Heavy Slash and Dust buttons.

GGX Mode: Bursts and False Roman Cancels are unavailable. Characters can Faultless Defense Cancel their attacks.

Contributed By: AbominableK.

Play as Gold and Shadow characters.

Play the game for more than 48 hours.

Do the following at the character selection screen.
This also works for EX characters, and possibly all GG modes. (GG GGX and AC)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Change the color mode to Slash, and select your character with DustGold Character
Change the color mode to Reload, and select your character with DustShadow Character

Contributed By: BlackMephitis7.

Special Illustrations

This is the method used to unlock the special illustrations found in Gallery Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
AutomaticSpecial Illustration 1
Beat Survival Level 500Special Illustration 2 through 5
Unlock All EX CharactersSpecial Illustration 6
Unlock All Gold/Shadow CharactersSpecial Illustration 7
Unlock All Arcade Ending ArtSpecial Illustration 8
Unlock All EX Ending ArtSpecial Illustration 9

Contributed By: Mimeblade.

Time released unlockables

Everything other than gallery pictures is unlockable via time release. This means time that you are playing the game, NOT time spent in the main menu, character selection screen, in between arcade matches, etc.

There are normal ways to unlock these, but time released seems to be the easiest way.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Every hour after 48 hours, an EX character will be released. Starting with Potemkin and then Chipp, going in the same order as Survival mode.EX modes
48 hours of gameplay.GG Mode
24 hours of gameplay.GGX Mode
Every hour after all the EX characters are unlocked or 48 hours, whichever comes last. Press D with Reload colors for Shadow, Slash colors for Gold.Shadow and Gold modes
Once all EX, and Shadow/Gold characters are unlocked and you've spent at least 48 hours a Slash level will be unlocked. Press R2 for the #R stage ver.Slash levels

Contributed By: hj62779oui1qt7x.

Unlock EX Characters

To unlock EX Characters, defeat the Shadow version of them in Survival mode. To select them, press Start on the Character select screen.

Contributed By: AbominableK.

Unlock EX Characters In Survival Mode

Use any character of your choosing and defeat their shadow counterpart.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reach Survival Level 60 and Defeat Shadow Anji-MitoEX Anji-Mito
Reach Survival Level 40 and Defeat Shadow Chipp-ZanuffEX Chipp-Zanuff
Reach Survival Level 80 and Defeat Shadow Millia-RageEX Millia-Rage
Reach Survival Level 20 and Defeat Shadow PotemkinEX Potemkin

Contributed By: AznBlurrs.

Unlock Slash Stages

Play the game for more than 48 hours, and then when the stage selection screen comes up, you can select the Slash versions of all the stages.

Contributed By: BlackMephitis7.