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Hitman Trilogy

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats


Early Silenced WA2k Sniper Rifle

In order to obtain the silenced WA2k sniper rifle early in the game, play the levels with the ninja clan snipers (either At The Gates or Hidden Valley), where you originally start off with that stupid crossbow. In the large sniper towers, all of the ninja snipers are equipped with powerful silenced sniper rifles, a weapon you won't get until much later on in the game. In order to get one early, snipe a ninja with a solid headshot as they're slightly leaning out of a window, and more often than not when they jerk back they'll drop their silenced rifles over the railings and onto the ground below the tower. It may take a couple tries, but it beats having to wait to get it several missions down the line, since this is the end-all sniper rifle in the game.

Contributed By: GreatWhiteDevil.

Kill A UN Guard Glitch

In the Level Motorcade Interception, one of the mission objectives, is to spare the UN guards and not kill them. You can simply kill them by approaching behind them and use the Fibre Wire on them to kill them. Using only the wire will glitch and allow you to kill them.

Contributed By: NightMare185.

Quick Lock Picking

When you come to a lock that needs to be picked just start to pick the lock then after about a second press Select then X to open up your map, then wait about another second then hit triangle to exit the map, if you did it right the object should now be unlocked and it was done in only a fraction of the time. (If it doesn't work the first time wait a little longer in the map before you leave back to game play)

Contributed By: Shade_666.

Rat Dragging

If you're ever in the sewer and you have a gun out you've probably noticed that the (aiming circle) which is white unless there is an enemy and it turns red. It's because theres rats in there that you can kill and drag. All you have to do is shoot it when you see the red circle, search for it, and then when you're near it the "drag body" option will appear and 47 will bend over and drag it like a person.

Contributed By: quake274.

Stretchy People

Put on the "Nailgun" cheat and shoot someone onto a wall. Make sure they're in your reach and go to one of their legs or arms that isnt "nailing" them to the wall and press "drag body". If you have done it right you can now walk around while holding onto the person and they will stay on the wall unless you select the "drop body" option.

Contributed By: quake274.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
You will receive the ''Sawed Off Shotgun'' after gaining 'Silent Assassin' ranking for the second time in the game. This must be on a mission which you haven't received the ranking before.Get a Sawed-Off Shotgun
Earn a Silent Assasin ranking on all of the St. Petersburg missions up to and including ''Invitation to a Party'' without any aggression. Pass ''Invitation to a Party'' last and you will recieve the M4.Get An M4
You will receive ''Silenced Ballers'' after gaining 'Silent Assassin' ranking for the first time in the game.Getting Silenced Ballers

Contributed By: STeeL DRaGonN and Boba Fett.


Faster Knife Attacks

Playing in third person, there is a limit to how fast you can swing small knives, like the scalpel or combat knife. However, if you enter first person, this delay time is non-existent, making combat far easier.

Contributed By: Mr_Sociopath.

How to get a custom rifle

When you are in the castle in japan. After you have shut down all generators, go to the back of the castle. You have to walk on the right sid if you are facing the castle. There is a sniper who cant see you when you enter the hallway. If you have a smg (sd6) shoot him in the head. Has to be one shot. He will fall out of the window our at least his weapon will. The custom rifle sileneced sniper rifle. Then this might take a few tries. Luckily i got it on the first try. You must complete the level with this weapon in your possesion.

Contributed By: theassainss.

Hitman: Blood Money Cheats


Auto climb past windows

When next to a window you can't seem to really get past, bring up your map and then go back in-game and 47 should climb through the window.
Note: Sometimes you have to be touching the window.

Contributed By: cleaningpatches.

Unlimited Saves

When in the middle of a mission and you're in the process of saving, repeatedly press the start button, and after it's done saving, the number of saves won't lower.

Contributed By: welcometothejungle.

Easter Eggs

Rat Room

On the opera house mission, in the basement at the back part of the stage, there is a room that leads to staircases to bathrooms on the first floor. After heading down the stairs there is a room you enter, kill the three rats on the ground and check the bench at the end of the room. There is a keycard for the rat club. Head to the second level where you collect the lightroom keycard. There is a door that cannot be opened. Use the rat club keycard and in there are rats boxing and gambling.

Contributed By: dubbly.

Hitman: Contracts Cheats


Level Cheat

During gameplay press R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L3, Circle, X, Circle, XComplete current mission with Silent Assasin rating

Contributed By: Wezil420.

Level Select

At the main menu screen enter the code

square,triangle,circle,left,up,right,L2,R2Select any of the levels in the game

Contributed By: codebreaker17.


Silent Assassin Unlockable Weapons

To obtain some of the hidden weapons in the game, you must complete the missions with a Silent Assassin Rating to receive that weapon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 9AK 74 Silenced Assault Rifle
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 1CZ 2000 Dual Pistols
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 10GK 17 Dual Pistols
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 6M4 Carbine Silenced Assault Rifle
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 4Magnum 500 Dual Pistols
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 2Micro Uzi Dual Submachine Guns
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 11Micro Uzi Silenced Dual Submachine Guns
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 8MP5 Silenced Submachine Gun
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 12PGM Silenced Sniper Rifle
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 5Sawed-Off Shotgun Dual
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 7SG220 .S Dual Pistols
Receive Silent Assassin Rating in Mission 3Silverballer Silenced Dual Pistols

Contributed By: NightMare185.

The Cardboard Tube

Complete the Training with Silent Assassin rating to unlock the Cardboard Tube. This weapon works like a sword, with the exception that it can attack enemies and launch them away!

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Training with Silent Assassin ratingCardboard Tube

Contributed By: FALKENPrototype.

Unlock the mini gun and duel gold desert eagles

Go to level nine, The Wang Fou, incident and go in the restaurant. Hop on the elevator on the first floor and take it down to the basement. Work your way through the tunnels (you won't have your map) killing any guards you encounter. At the end there will be an elevator. Head up to the mansion's first floor and flip on your night vision goggles. Wonder around in the dark until you find stairs that go up to the second floor. Once upstairs find the office and on the desk you will find Orthmeyer's Keycard. Go back down to the basement and head back upstairs to the first floor of the restaurant. Finish the level like normal and save.

Now exit to the main menu and start Mission 1 - Asylum Aftermath. Now find the first key card door. There will be a patient pacing back and forth with the mini gun, kill him and take it. You'll be walking much much slower now because it weighs so much. Find the second keycard door in the basement to get the duel gold desert eagles and finish the level with those two guns in your inventory. Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Contributed By: boredchad2003.


Coming Back To Life

When you die, there will be a black and white death sequence. If you were able to commit at least 4 consecutive head shots on 4 different guards, you will be able to resume what you were doing with a small amount of health.

Contributed By: NightMare185.

Get all weapons in training

In the training level, enter the complete level code to complete the level with an SA ranking. Then, re-enter the training level to find that your weapons storage has been completely filled with all the weapons in the game.

Contributed By: dark falcon127.

Hint: Drown fritz on TOT

If you can sneak into the sauna area, you will see a guard. This guard will patrol the area, trying to protect Fritz. CAREFULLY kill, of anesthetic him. Once you have taken care of him, SNEAK down the small set of stairs into the pool and fiber wire Fritz. (Fritz makes rounds of going to the bar, sauna, and the pool.) If it works well, you will see a "cut scene" showing 47 drowning Fritz

Contributed By: RCS880.

Temporary Invincibility

Just hit L1 to pop up the Map. When someone shoots at you while your Map is up, you'll be able to sustain the damage and not get hurt until you take off the Map. This does NOT work on the Professional Difficulty.

Contributed By: NightMare185.